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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Linda Chung @ "Office of Practical Jokes" Episode 3



"Scoop" Clip

玩嘢王 魔術師Louis Yan 終極大報復 整蠱鍾嘉欣

Personal Note: When Linda Weibo-ed about her appearance on this programme, already knew that she would be a prankster; however, her acting was convincing...it was even more realistic when she used English! :D

Ha ha.... "He's my boyfriend!" :P

*Credits to magiclouisyan


  1. i didn't know she was in on it until she yelled out that johnson was her boyfriend hahah but in the beginning when she was scared with the injuries and hamster, i was totally scared for her and nearly had a heart attack myself! hahah but she was really good with the crying scenes!

  2. This was a really great prank! haha