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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tavia Yeung Gives Kenneth Ma First Aid: Does Not Use CPR



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Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, and Gigi Wong were doing location filming for their new series ["The Hippocratic Crush II"]. The storyline was about Kenneth getting hit by a minibus, so Tavia gives him first aid on the spot. When asked whether CPR was needed, Tavia laughingly said, "Wouldn't even be able to save with CPR. Must go to the operating room". When it was discussed that netizens love to spot mistakes the most, would they be more careful in every respect when filming? Tavia said, "The previous installment of 'The Hippocratic Crush' was also very successful. There are also doctors supervising the scene...would not go too far".

When it was discussed that it was Mother's Day today, the two expressed having to work into the late night, not being able to accompany their mothers; however, Tavia already celebrated with her mother beforehand. When asked whether Mother Yeung requested to see her son-in-law, Tavia immediately changed the topic: "She did not! However, she just learned how to use a smartphone, so I bought a new phone for her. She was also very happy".

Kenneth Ma Not Used to Staying in Mainland to Film Series

Kenneth Ma was filming for "The Hippocratic Crush". It is said that Moses Chan, whose contract is ending soon, wants to request for leave to go to Mainland to film series. Kenneth frankly said that there have been Mainland series looking for him, but unfortunately had to reject because the schedule could not be accommodated. He said, "I am not too greedy. One series per year is enough. Afraid of not being used to it if I were to leave for too long. Like Kevin [Cheng] who stays in Mainland, I cannot accept it". He also frankly said that, even if he were to go to Mainland to film series, he would not completely leave TVB.

Tavia Yeung Says That She Cannot Leave TVB

Tavia Yeung was filming for "The Hippocratic Crush". It is said that Moses Chan, whose contract is ending soon, wants to request for leave to go to Mainland to film series. Tavia laughingly said that everyone wants to make RMB. She said, "Previously, I also filmed one. Afterward, the schedule could not be accommodated". Tavia also admitted that she has discussed the issue of contract renewal with the company. When asked what conditions were desired, Tavia said, "The most important is to have an opportunity to develop. All in all, TVB is my mother company...cannot leave TVB".

Personal Note: This scene looks quite intense!

Ma Ming and Tavia look cute posing in front of the minibus. :)

*Credits to the-sun, headlinedaily, appledaily, youku, gztv, cntv, and tavia.org

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