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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tavia Yeung Afraid of Snatching Baby Formula, Does Not Dare to Give Birth


J2 Clip


"Scoop" Clip


Tavia Yeung and Roger Kwok filmed a CNY programme with 30 acting class students. Both TV king and TV queen have not collaborated in a series before. Tavia expressed that she wants to collaborate with Roger to play father and daughter! Roger, who was not mad, laughingly said, "Actually, we were in the same scene in 'At the Threshold of an Era' ten plus years ago. Tavia was playing a receptionist. I stepped out of the elevator and was captivated by the sound of her 'Ah'. Back then, already thought that she would become TV queen!"

The other day, rumoured boyfriend Him Law expressed hoping to have kids earlier. Tavia quickly drew the line: "The part about having kids has nothing to do with me! Everyone is snatching baby formula now...wait a while!"

Personal Note: Tavia and Roger are such jokesters! :P Quite surprised that they haven't paired up yet despite being under the same manager for some time now.

*Credits to the-sun and tavia.org

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