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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Roger Kwok Brings Wife to Watch "Inbound Troubles" Finale to Refute Rumours


"Scoop" Clip

Apple Daily Clip


Wong Cho Lam and a bunch of actors from "Inbound Troubles" held a seven-table dinner at a restaurant in Tuen Mun to watch the two-hour finale with the cast and crew last night. The series' lead actor Roger Kwok and wife Cindy Au attended the dinner hand-in-hand. Regarding reports indicating that Roger and wife Cindy have been sleeping in different rooms for a month to help their son get out of using diapers, Roger was asked whether arriving hand-in-hand was to refute the rumours. Roger denied and said, "No, wife painstakingly does everything for our children. We are not at odds. Even if we argue because of the kids, it is for the good". Cindy also clarified, "We would discuss more than argue". Roger, who was on the side, laughingly said, "It has not affected our relationship...still very loving".

Wong Cho Lam Goes Back on Words: Not Marrying Leanne Li with Rating of 40 Points

Last night, Wong Cho Lam attended the finale dinner of "Inbound Troubles". Cho Lam, who said earlier that he would marry girlfriend Leanne Li if the ratings surpassed 40 points, went back on his words: "Wait for Cindy Au to give birth again, then I will consider getting married! (How are they going to have another child when they are sleeping in separate rooms?) Thank them so much for helping me out, but I not getting married that fast...buy a flat first!"

Joey Meng's Long Legs to Pair with Mimi Chu's Swimsuit Look

Joey Meng had promised earlier that she would show off her 42-inch long legs if the finale of the series "Inbound Troubles" had 42 points. Last night, she attended the finale dinner and regrettably said, "Mimi Chu said that she would wear a swimsuit...seems more intense. I will move about on the side". She revealed that she will be resting this CNY and spending time with family: "May fly to Southeast Asia for a few days".

Ivana Wong & Wong Cho Lam on "Jade Solid Gold"

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Cho Lam always said that he would get married on two conditions: "Inbound" must exceed 40 points, and Roger must have another kid! :P Looks like Cho Lam's birthday wish came true, as "Inbound" has feedback and ratings! :)

*Credits to the-sun and appledaily

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