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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lee Yim Fong New Series Costume Fitting Pictures




- 25-episode action comedy.
- The idea of the story comes from a character from unofficial history--the Goosebumps Woman (疙瘩老娘), who may be Qing Dynasty's first female lawyer. As a female, she is not able to personally go to court, as she can only write the official form for filing a lawsuit. The storyline stretches to the two barristers Chen Mengji and Fang Tangjing, using cases from 20 years ago to link the storyline.
- Roger Kwok will play Zhang Siwei (章四維), a lawyer. He reads intensively. He is forthright but not flexible. To uphold justice, he writes the official form for filing a lawsuit. Because of the literary phrases and references in his writing, the county magistrate is afraid of his writing the most. Although he is full of righteousness, he is unwilling to lie. His frequent good intentions to help people become meddlesome. Afterward, under Kristal Tin's guidance, they uphold justice as a partnership. However, if it is to make money or to help bad people, he refuses to go to court. He will have a romantic storyline with Kristal.
- Evergreen Mak will play Xiahou Wu (夏侯武), a constable. He, Roger, and Kristal have an entangled relationship. Because of some things that happened in the past, someone goes down the wrong path.
- Kristal will play Chen Zhenzhen (陳真真), a lawyer. She is renowned barrister Chen Mengji's daughter. She is foulmouthed and is rather sassy. In the beginning, she does not consider others' feelings. She followed her father to live in seclusion in the country; however, because she was not able to use her skill, and was forced to marry by her father, she escaped. She used force to live at Roger's house, carrying through with special training for him and guiding him to become a lawyer. She has great pleading ability; unfortunately, as a female, she is not able to personally go to court, so she forces Roger to go to court for her. Because Roger gets overly nervous, he faints in court; whenever these circumstances occur, she takes over for him and becomes his spokesperson. The two use a female and male barrister format to fight Pan Jingquan together. She has an admiration for Evergreen.
- Priscilla Wong will play Zhou Ju (周菊), an atypical girl. She is a bit stupid. She has great strength and a great appetite.
- Jerry Lamb will play Pan Erming (潘爾名), Pan Jingquan's son. He was trained to become a lawyer; however, because he was born deaf, his personal maid (played by Whitney Hui) helps him interpret in sign language. He is not snobby like his father. Every time a criminal is caused to be beaten, he becomes a black-clothed hero, secretly leaving medicinal liquor and silver currency as compensation to accumulate merits for his father. Later, he meets Roger and Kristal, and gets touched by their chivalrous spirit, even placing righteousness above family loyalty in the end. He has a tender affection for Grace Wong, always secretly helping her.
- Whitney will play A Du (阿獨), Jerry's personal maid. She uses sign language to help her master go to court.
- Grace will play Sun Chuchu (孫楚楚). Although she is beautiful, she is a malignant star who brings bad luck to the husband.
- Rachel Kan will play Zhou Lan (周蘭), Priscilla's elder sister.
- KK Cheung will play Pan Jingquan (潘鏡全), a Jiangnan barrister. Ever since Chen Mengji retired, he is not afraid of anyone; even the county magistrate flatters him. He gets his son trained to become a lawyer to help him make money. He is called Fang Tangjing (荒唐鏡).
- Lee Sing Cheung will play Chen Mengji (陳夢吉), a renowned Guangdong lawyer. Because his son dies from a sudden illness, he stops writing, no longer taking on outrageous cases, and takes his daughter to live in seclusion in the country.
- Fred Cheng will play a constable who is very lazy but knows martial arts.
- Derek Wong will play a constable. He and Stephen Ho will go against Evergreen.

Blessing Ceremony @ "Scoop" Clip (031313)

Completion Banquet @ TVBE Clip (052013)

Completion Banquet @ Pearl Clip (052113)

FYI: The Chinese title of this series has been changed to 《舌劍上的公堂》 (literally translated as "The Verbal Side of Court"). The official English title is "Return of the Silver Tongue".

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Personal Note: Roger playing a lawyer again, but in ancient! His look reminds me of Wong He's Zheng Banqiao in "Doomed to Oblivion".

Priscilla's look is really bad! Her hair is similar to Yumiko Cheng's Chan Sai Mui in "The Gentle Crackdown II". o_O

*Credits to headlinedaily and Weibo

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