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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

《巾幗梟雄之諜血長天》 "Rosy Business III" Costume Fitting Pictures


J2 Clip


"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip


- 30 episodes long.
- There will be location filming in Foshan and Zhongshan for a month.
- The Marco Polo Bridge Incident, which occurred in 1937, will be serve as the story's introduction. It will talk about the different experiences that Wayne Lai, Myolie Wu, Edwin Siu, and Sire Ma encounter during the ravages of war, and how to survive in adverse circumstances and make decisions. The story will use war to propel it, talking about the relationships under the background of the Great Era, as well as the good and bad of humanity.
- The background of the story will be on the Sino-Japanese War and spies.
- Wayne will play twin brothers, Kong Seung Hung (江常紅) and Ling Muk Yat Hung (鈴木一雄), who were separated from each other since young. Younger brother Kong Seung Hung is in China and becomes a guerrilla. Previously, left without a choice, he personally shot his fiancée to death, who was taken hostage by Japanese soldiers, thereby leaving a mark that cannot be erased in his heart. From then on, he dedicates his life to the country, giving love to everyone. The ambitious Ling Muk Yat Hung went to Japan, growing up to become a Japanese businessman; he is a serial killer. When he was young, he became traumatized from his mother letting go of his hand; in Japan, he lived by relying on someone else's charity, and because he was taken away by an abnormal Japanese villager, this caused psychological contortion, telling him to continue the war, and hoping to not see others being happy and blissful. During the elder brother's childhood, he was sodomized, which resulted in sexual impotence; from then on, he became a warmonger full of hatred. There is a scene in which the elder brother feeds a person to the tigers. The younger brother is a guerrilla leader who is on the same side as Myolie. Afterward, the two brothers encounter each other again, and they will switch identities. The two brothers will be caught in between Myolie. In the end, the two brothers battle each other.
- Myolie will play Cheung Kei Sang (張寄生), a spy. She can take charge and make prompt decisions. She has a strong personality. She places life and death outside the sphere of her consideration. Her story begins from when she was in university. She came from a village to go study at a teachers' school. As a youth, she was full of enthusiasm, and she had dreams. She was a brilliant student, and she was also called upon to give a speech to thank the teachers. Unfortunately, before graduating, the Marco Polo Bridge Incident occurred; the school was dismissed. The first scene in the first episode is of her making a speech in the empty auditorium, expressing her ability to sacrifice everything for her wish to dedicate herself to the service of her country. She experiences war, and under the unstable Great Era, she becomes a spy; her alias is Sui Fu Yung (水芙蓉). In the past, her family was killed by Japanese soldiers; thus, to illegally exchange military secrets, she gets into bed with her enemy. For her country, and to make those who hurt her pay, she is willing to sacrifice her dignity and her body. She will have a romantic storyline with Wayne and Edwin. She will get raped by a Japanese soldier, and she will have many intense kiss scenes with Wayne. Because of using beauty traps, she frequently kisses males. She will dress up as a male and sing Chinese opera with Edwin, who is dressed up as a female.
- Edwin will play Chow Sai Kai (周細雞), a spy. He and Myolie have known each other since young, and they later get married; however, before consummating the marriage, he enlisted in the military. His parents died when he was young, frequently needing the help of Myolie's family; however, he has a stubborn personality and is a big man. He definitely repays favours and would not owe anything. He feels inferior, and he has an intense personality. Although he is clever and handsome, he is stubborn toward love. During wartime, he was previously shot; however, he didn't have the strength to kill himself, so he begged Myolie to kill him, not willing to get abused by Japanese soldiers. However, Myolie's stab did not cause him to die. Later, he was rescued by the Kuomintang. When he encounters Myolie again, she has already shifted her affection to Kong Seung Hung and has become a spy; he is in great shock and goes down the wrong path. He has an unsound mind, and he also becomes a rapist. He deeply loves Myolie; although he has had many women, he is still very much devoted to her until the end. He previously attempted to rape Myolie. There will be a scene where he goes crazy such that he molests anyone he sees. He is very abnormal, committing rape and pretending to be a homosexual for Myolie.
- Sire will play Kam Wan Ling (金韞凌), a former Qing Dynasty princess who is the sole survivor of a deceased family. She is naive and pure. She is imprisoned in the French concession in Guangzhou by French people, so she has never seen the world, only receiving knowledge from a priest. She is well-read, but she does not know her life history. She looks forward to finding the Romeo in her heart. It is not until her 21st birthday that she knows about her life history. She bears the secret of the Qing Dynasty's 40 tonnes of gold. After she runs away, she encounters Kong Seung Hung, but she accidentally marries Ling Muk Yat Hung.
- Cecilia Fong will play Wong Ping (王萍), the mother of Kong Seung Hung and Ling Muk Yat Hung. She and her husband brought their two sons to Japan to learn to tailor, where they encountered an earthquake. Her husband was crushed to death, the eldest son was caught under a beam, and the youngest son was facing getting burned by fire; she helplessly left her eldest son to save the youngest son. Later encountering aftershock, she got separated from her eldest son, and returned to the country with her youngest son.
- Lee Sing Cheung will play Sok Do Lung (索多隆), a former Qing Dynasty military officer. He is Sire's henchman. He will have a romantic storyline with Susan Tse.
- Susan will play Tung Siu Lan (佟小蘭), a nanny who brought up Sire.
- Yoyo Chen will play Lau Wan Yau (劉溫柔). There is a scene in which Edwin attempts to rape her.
- Man Yeung will play Lau Ka Chung (劉家忠).
- Helena Law will play a person with an unsound mind. Her daughter was beaten to death.
- Eric Li will play Sung Hok Yue (宋學儒).
- Yuang Cheung will play a Japanese soldier who bullies Chinese commoners.
- Sam Tsang will play a head adviser who is both good and evil.
- Bob Lam will guest-star as a Japanese officer. Myolie uses her body to seduce him to get secret intelligence. Later, upon knowing that he was used by Myolie, he commits harakiri.

Clip (blessing ceremony):
Myolie Wu's Tencent Weibo

Blessing Ceremony @ J2 Clip (040813)

Blessing Ceremony @ TVBE Clip (040813)

Blessing Ceremony @ "Extra" Clip (040813)

Blessing Ceremony @ "Scoop" Clip (040913)

FYI: The official English title of this series is "No Reserve".

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Personal Note: The series sounds very 'heavy taste', especially Edwin's role! 囧!

Wayne's look is so.... o_O'

Myolie's look is exactly like Sheren Tang's in "No Regrets" and Sonija Kwok's in "The Day of Days"....

Filming will begin on March 11th.

*Credits to 狂愛TVB, www.myoliewu.org, tungstar, the-sun, tvb.com, ihktv, and Weibo


  1. O_o More rape scenes?! Sigh... I guess it makes sense because of the Nanking Massacre but Edwin is a rapist too?

    Are they replacing Natalie's role or are they just eliminating it? I do feel like they need at least one more bigger name to add to this series to make it more grand.

    It's nice to see that Lee Sing Cheung is getting bigger roles. I know he had a big role in RB1 but I feel like TVB has been pushing him up to be one of the leading supporting veterans, or maybe that's just my perception after they gave him that award.

    1. Yoyo will probably take over Natalie's role idk :/ so much raping involved in this, ugh

  2. wth... Myolie Wu got raped by Edwin and Japanese soldiers??? Sigh

  3. DDDD: More rape??!!

    Edwin's character sounds really perverted. And the Sino-Japanese war theme makes the drama sound too much like a rehash of No Regrets, now with more rape. D: Maybe there'll be more historical detail this time?

  4. Natalie not in the series? :'( She just left with Detective Columbo now.