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- 《金宵大廈》 "Golden Night Building" Costume Fitting & Blessing Ceremony
- "Infernal Affairs" Week 3: averaged 21.3 points.
- "The Forgotten Valley" Week 4: averaged 27.5 points, peaked at 30.4 points.
- "Threesome" Theme Song MV
- "Threesome" Opening Theme Video
- "Threesome" Theme Song
- 'Fuk Luk Sau' Imitations Explosion
- "Birth of a Hero" Promotional Clips 1-3
- "Apple-colada" Promotional Clips 1-3
- "Watch Out, Boss" Theme Song MV

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fala Chen & Ron Ng in Singapore

Fala Chen and Ron Ng went to Singapore to promote "Triumph in the Skies II".

Fala Chen holidays in bikini (TVB star: Fala Chen Pt 1)

23 NGs and a threesome (TVB star: Fala Chen Pt 2)

Is Ron Ng sick of Kate Tsui? (TVB star: Ron Ng)

*Credits to razortv

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