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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

《食為奴》 "Slave for Food" Costume Fitting Pictures


J2 Clip


"Scoop" Clip


- 25 episodes long.
- In June, there will be location filming in Hengdian.
- The series will use the Yongzheng Dynasty as a background and food as a packaging. It will mention the Manchu Han Imperial Feast, and there will be many storylines on cooking. In between, there will be the addition of a complicated romantic relationship. The public scenes will be rather lighthearted, while the scenes on the palace struggles and seizure of power will be a serious drama. The series will progress in two routes such that it is serious but also carries lightheartedness.
- Joey Meng will play Ji Muxue (紀慕雪), a street performer who knows kung fu. When performing on the streets, she meets Wong Cho Lam, and they become friends. To exact revenge on Kangxi for killing her father, she gets close to Ben Wong, and gets caught in between him and Louis Cheung. She will be forced by the emperor to marry Cho Lam, but she has a crush on Louis. She and Ben fall in love; however, because the Empress Dowager does not allow a folk girl to enter the palace, she is forced to marry Cho Lam in the end. She is 25 or 26 years old.
- Cho Lam will play Gao Tianbao (高天寶), a humourous imperial chef who is always by the emperor's side. He is slightly similar to 'Wai Siu Po'. He was originally a wealthy guy who has tasted gourmet food from around the world; however, when his family is in straitened circumstances, he relies on his bun-making skills to make a living. After getting recognized, he enters the palace, and works from the bottom. Because of food, he is willing to enter the palace and become a slave. Through food, he helps Ben achieve success in business; he and Ben also have a brotherly friendship. He likes Nancy Wu. Later, he marries Joey. In the end, it will be a tragedy. He will lose Nancy, and he will have an emotional collapse, having to face separation in life and death.
- Louis will play Yinsi (愛新覺羅‧胤禩), the eighth prince. He is both good and evil. He and Ben battle for the throne. He will have a romantic storyline with Joey.
- Matthew Ko will play the tenth prince.
- Ben will play the Yongzheng Emperor. Before ascending the throne, he met Cho Lam in public. After ascending the throne, he underwent a dramatic personality change, not believing in others and falling out with Cho Lam. He likes Joey.
- Jimmy Au will play Nian Gengyao (年羹堯), an important general.
- Nancy will play Nian Ruobi (年若碧), Jimmy's younger sister and Ben's consort. She has strong taste buds. She has great expectations toward food. Her brother wants to marry her off, but she wants to marry someone who is knowledgeable about food. Cho Lam has a crush on her, but she is forced to marry Ben; it is a political marriage. Because of food, she likes Cho Lam, who also has high expectations toward food; however, she is forced to marry Ben, becoming a consort. In the end, she dies.
- Helen Ng will play a rather crude person, but she also has gentle side when facing the person she likes.
- Lee Ka Sing will play Nalan Fengying (納蘭馮鷹).
- Owen Cheung will play Yinzhen (愛新覺羅‧胤禎), the 14th prince.
- Elliot Yue will play the Father King.
- May Chan will play a palace maid. She is a folk girl who loves to eat.
- Stephanie Ho will play Mi Xiaoyu (米小魚). She will disguise as a male in the first half of the series, causing Nancy to develop an adoration for her, and even causing Cho Lam to suspect that he is a homosexual.
- Bob Lam will play Cai Heting (蔡鶴庭), an imperial executive chef.
- Rosanne Lui will play the empress.
- Ram Chiang will play Wu Sidao (鄔思道).
- Jack Wu will play Li Wei (李衛), Cho Lam's elder brother.
- Derek Wong will play the ninth prince who is very hot-tempered and impulsive.

Joey Meng's Tencent Weibo

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Gilded Chopsticks".

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Personal Note: Don't like Joey's wig; however, still better than Priscilla Wong's hairstyle in Lee Yim Fong's new series. Although Joey looks good for her age, she does not look like mid-20s.

Noticed some new costumes in this here! Really like the teal on Louis!

The guys' bald look does not look bad!

The imperial chef part reminds me of "Happy Ever After".

*Credits to 狂愛TVB, appledaily, headlinedaily, the-sun, tvb.com, and Weibo


  1. Louis looks really good with that shaved head! I really was not expecting that. haha

    Cho Lam and Bob look pretty cute in their own ancient look too.

  2. Haha! Very cute of Louis, Ben and CL to 'show' off their legs with MYM!

    Yeah, I agree with you hyn5. MYM looks good for her age but playing 25 or 26 is pushing it a bit.

    Is Nancy going to pair with CL in here? It seems like a small role. Couldn't they have found someone else to play it?