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Monday, February 4, 2013

Clips from "Inbound Troubles" Episode 15

Ng Ka Yi and Yik Suet Fei have a romantic dinner together set up by Benjamin and Sophia.

Ng Ka Yi and Yik Suet Fei get robbed.

Ng Ka Yi and Yik Suet Fei watch a movie together and are followed by Benjamin and Sophia.

Ng Chi Ching speaks like Choi Sam.

Sai Sai Lap and Lip Siu Sin tell Choi Sam's positive traits to Ng Chi Ching, and explain to her that she and Choi Sam are not that related.

Personal Note: Happy to hear that the series has been averaging 30 points...hope that the finale week does well!

"Inbound Troubles" Episode 15

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