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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kenneth Ma Gets Facial to Relax



Kenneth Ma, who won 'My Favourite TV Male Character' last year, has been busy since the beginning of the new year. In the romance series "Season of Love", he and Myolie Wu play a pair. The last time they played a couple was 2006's "To Grow with Love"! In the previous series, he was unsuccessful in pursuing Myolie...finally successful this time: "In the series, I play a private investigator. Myolie studies historical relics. We meet when investigating. We haven't played a couple for many years...did not expect to be finally pursue her after so many years!"

Immersing in Filming of New Series

He will be immersed in the filming of the new series "The Hippocratic Crush II" soon. He will be enduring the reversed day and night life again. Sometimes, only able to sleep two or three hours every day, causing the skin to be very poor. Like many guys, he hasn't known much about skin care since young, so he would get a face whenever he has the time: "I almost go every week...try my best to get one at least every week. Can lie there very comfortably and let them do it...very relaxing!" In "Hippocratic", he will be collaborating with veteran Lawrence Ng. He actually has always been his fan...love to watch his representative work, "Healing Hands", the most, praising the character 'Ching Chi Mei' as being memorable.

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Ma Ming wearing a robe and looking in the mirror reminds me of an old MSC ad! :P


*Credits to the-sun

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