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Friday, December 21, 2012

《單戀雙城》 "Unrequited Love in Two Cities" Costume Fitting



Date: December 21, 2012

Temporary Chinese title: 《單戀雙城》
Pinyin title: Daan Luen Seung Sing
Temporary English title: "Unrequited Love in Two Cities"
Producer: Fong Chun Chiu

Attending Cast: Ruco Chan, Aimee Chan, Lin Xia Wei, Tony Hung, Samantha Ko, Mat Yeung, Elaine Yiu, Vivien Yeo, Toby Chan, Wai Ka Hung, Elliot Yue, Pako Au, Helen Ma, Ching Ho Wai, Rachel Kan, Benz Hui, Fanny Ip, Mary Hong, Tina Shek, Tony Yee, Dennis Cheung, Hero Yuen, Jenny Wong, Vincent Cheung, Max Choi, Sandy Wu, Kaka Chan, Siu Hoi Yan, and Janice Shum.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One

"Scoop" Clip


- 20-episode romance series.
- In April, there will be location filming in Malaysia (mostly in Penang but also in Kuala Lumpur).
- Ruco Chan will play Luk Kung Chi (陸恭梓). He seems unrestrained on the surface, but actually has experience at heart. On the surface, he is a tour guide in Malaysia who is frivolous and a sweet-talker, but he is actually a Hong Kong music producer. Because of his breakup with Elaine Yiu, he goes to Malaysia. Later, he meets Aimee Chan, but their relationship is not able to develop accordingly because of a knot in the heart. He will have a romantic storyline with Aimee, Lin Xia Wei, and Elaine.
- Aimee will play Law Sik Sik (羅式適), a travel agency director. She has a cheerful and forthright personality. She is not a strong woman, but she has a great sense of justice. She was originally Mat Yeung's fiancée; after breaking up with him, setbacks in romance cause her to go to Malaysia. Because of previous travel agency services, she met Ruco; after encountering setbacks in romance, they meet again. She and Ruco become an arguing pair and develop feelings. She and Tony Hung have a sisterly friendship.
- Lin Xia Wei will play Ching Chin Chan (程展禛), a trainee pastry chef. She is a silly girl who comes to like people easily. Because Ruco cared for her before, she fell in love with him. Later, she quickly comes to like Tony Hung. She likes to make pastries, and becomes Tony's pupil. Later, she learns about Tony's crush on Aimee, so she films a clip, threatening him to fulfill three of her wishes.
- Tony will play Chin Chun (錢進), a chef. He is very charming in the kitchen, but is very shy in real life, and is frequently picked on by Samantha and Aimee. He has always had a crush on Aimee. He and Aimee grew up together. Although he has a simple and honest personality, he is well-liked by females, and females often get close to him. He is Lin Xia Wei's master. He is strict and uses military methods to train Lin Xia Wei. He and Lin Xia Wei will have love sparks.
- Samantha will play Wong Kei Ying (黃淇英), Elaine's good friend. She has a bold and unconstrained personality. She and Mat have a secret relationship; their intimate clip was exposed at Mat and Elaine's wedding, causing the two to break up.
- Mat will play Ching Chin Pok (程展博), Lin Xia Wei's elder brother. He is Aimee's fiancé; in front of her, he is a very gentlemanly and is very considerate, but he is actually a player who toys with feelings, having a relationship with Samantha behind his fiancée's back.
- Elaine will play Hong Yi Kiu (康以蕎), a singer-songwriter. She and Ruco dated before. When her career is slipping, she reconciles with her composer ex-boyfriend, using his influence and talent to push her career by getting him to write songs for her.
- Vivien Yeo will play Yvonne, a Penang hotel heiress.
- Amy Fan will play Aimee's sister.
- Wai Ka Hung will play Aimee's brother-in-law.
- Elliot Yue will play Aimee's father.
- Helen Ma will play Tony's mother.
- Snow Suen will play Betty, a Malaysian hotel attendant.

Blessing Ceremony @ J2 Clip (012513)

Visit @ TVB8 Clip (012913)

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Outbound Love".

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Personal Note: Some elements of this series are similar to "Love Exceeds the Coastline"...Ruco's look is even similar to Raymond Wong's in that series! o_O

Another series to skip....

*Credits to ihktv, headlinedaily, tvb.com, ACN, and Weibo


  1. What a shit cast! Bet the storyline isn't much better r tvb really that short of people, letting Aimee chan as female lead. RIDICULOUS is all I have to say!

  2. I wish Elaine Yiu was put into a better series D: