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Thursday, December 6, 2012

《神槍狙擊2013》 "Sniper Attack 2013" Costume Fitting Pictures



TVB8 Clip


- 25 episodes long.
- Apart from using the Special Duties Unit (SDU) as a packaging, the series will also talk about the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC). Eddie Cheung and Michael Tse will use this shooting sport to battle with each other.
- Eddie will play Ko Chun Kin (高晉堅), a strict and introverted SDU sniper instructor who is not well-liked by others. He and Michael were originally colleagues, but later develop differences. He will have a subtle romantic storyline with Kathy Chow. He and Kate Tsui have an ambiguous brother-and-sister relationship.
- Kathy will play Wong Yeuk Ling (王若玲), an insurance agent. Her boyfriend has an underworld background. Because of a pursuit, she and Eddie meet; he accidentally injures her, so he takes care of her because of guilt. Because of her boyfriend's death, she gets entangled between the police and the underworld. She will have a subtle romantic relationship with Eddie.
- Michael will play Lee Ho Yeung (李浩陽). He was originally an SDU sniper, but later left the Police Force and became involved in the underworld, walking between the road of good and evil. He and Eddie are good friends and competitors. He is a wealthy guy who lives on a yacht. He will have many romantic relationships with many females. He and Kate only have a brother-and-sister relationship. He and Alice Chan are business partners, but their relationship is subtle. In the end, he meets Eliza Sam; there are some romantic feelings, but there seems to be a layer of fog. He is a villain.
- Kate will play Seung Koon Ming Chu (上官明珠), a Sergeant. She is a member of the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB). She has a hot-blooded personality and a hot temper. She will have romantic development with Michael. She, Eddie, and Kathy will be involved in a love triangle.
- Eliza will play Lai Chan (黎珍), Hong Kong's first female sniper. She is calm and has a tomboy personality. She has a few young male pursuers; however, she admires Michael. She will have a romantic storyline with Michael.
- Alice will play Ting Hau (丁巧), a 'big sister'. She grew up in the underworld. On the surface, she is a company boss, but she is a triad leader behind the scenes. She will launder money. She will have many sexy looks. Michael is her right-hand man and mental support. She will have a romantic relationship with Michael. Michael handles many things for her triad group, having the feeling of a killer; she likes him in her heart. There is a scene where she lets him complete a cruel thing, but he rejects to do it, so she could only do it herself but is unsuccessful in the end; she intentionally provokes triad members to hit him, letting him get injured for her. She is a major villain.
- Kayi Cheung will play Kwok Mei Kam (郭美金).
- Miki Yeung will play Wong Yeuk Sam (王若心), Kathy's younger sister.
- Leo Lee will play Wong Chi Hong (王子康), Kathy's younger brother.
- Vincent Lam will play Kong Chi Ngai (江志毅), a Senior Inspector of Police. He is a member of the SDU.
- Lily Ho will play Alice's assistant and bodyguard.
- William Chak will play Lau Kwai (劉貴), a Sergeant.
- Alan Wan will play Cheung Bei Yan (張彼仁), an SDU assaulter.
- Steven Cheung will play On A Chit (安亞哲), an SDU sniper. He will have a romantic storyline with Eliza.
- Nathan Ngai will play Lam Pak Wing (林伯榮), an SDU sniper. He has a slightly superstitious personality, is easygoing, and does not have his own opinions. In terms of his career, he is focused and has patience.
- Otto Chan will play Chiang Ching Yi (蔣正義), an SDU sniper.
- Tsang Sau Ming will play Sergeant Yau Yiu Wai (邱耀威), an SDU assaulter.
- Yeung Chiu Hoi will play Bau Chi Chung (包子忠), an SDU assaulter.
- Lau Tin Lung will play an SDU assaulter.
- Stephen Ho will play a hit man. He is a villain.
- Brian Thomas Burrell will play a dangerous person.
- Oh Nam will play a dangerous person.
- Sam Tsang will play a Thai drug lord. He is a major villain.
- Andes Yue will play Kathy's ex-boyfriend.

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Blessing Ceremony @ TVB8 Clip (022813)

Completion Banquet @ "Extra" Clip (032913)

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FYI: The Chinese title of this series has been changed to 《神鎗狙擊》. The official English title is "Sniper Standoff".

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Personal Note: The SDU guys in here look really young...they look like boys with guns! :P

Eddie's role sounds like Michael Miu in "The Academy".

Expected Kate to portray the first female sniper....

The producer told Eliza to not smile so much...think it's going to be difficult for her to hold back....

*Credits to http://www.michael-tse.com, appledaily, 狂愛TVB, lauchungyan.com, and Weibo


  1. lol kate just can't seem to stop being a cop! hahah maybe it's because she's been a police so often, producers just keep going back to her

  2. Wasn't Michael going to portray a SDU member that goes rogue ?

    1. That was the Sales Presentation storyline; however, at AOD, Michael said that he would be portraying a sniper, so not sure.

  3. I recall earlier Vincent Lam said he will film Tiger Cubs 2. Did he mean this one instead? Is Tiger Cibs 2 confirmed?

    Would have much prefered Kate as sniper. Eliza doesn't look the part at all.

    1. I thought TVB was in the works of preparing to film Tiger Cubs 2 into a movie and not a series?

      Vincent posted in a weibo a few times saying that he's in Tiger Cubs 2 but later said that the name had changed to 神槍狙擊, but wasn't this series always called 神槍狙擊? I may be wrong but I think he had confused the two because they're both about SDU.

    2. To miriamfanz:

      Vincent was obviously referring to "Sniper". A sequel to "Tiger Cubs" has not been confirmed to film.

  4. Is the reason why Kate is not portraying a SDU because they can't find anyone to play the higher rank cop?

  5. I'm happy to see that Nathan is in "Sniper Attack"! I really hope that this role will even be more prominent than Perry or Yat Hong! :)

    I also think that it's going to be hard for Eliza to hide her laughs, but I really like her and I think that she has potential so I hope that she'll prove me wrong through her performance. :)