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Friday, December 7, 2012

Moses Chan and Nancy Wu Win at the '17th Asian Television Awards'



"Scoop" Clip


The night before, Moses Chan and Nancy Wu won 'Best Actor in a Leading Role' for "When Heaven Burns" and 'Best Actress in a Supporting Role' for "Gloves Come Off" respectively at the '17th Asian Television Awards'. Yesterday, a celebration event was held at TVB City. Moses happily sprayed the champagne. When asked whether receiving an award would increase his confidence in winning TV king at the anniversary awards, he said, "Normal heart! Whether there's an award or not is not important. (Vindication for 'Heaven'?) Actually, my performance was not very outstanding, but the script was good and the genre is unique. 'Heaven' will have its own honour!" Moses said that girlfriend Aimee Chan is also happy for him, but would not be particularly celebrating. On the other hand, Nancy won 'Supporting Actress' for 'Gloves' in Malaysia earlier. When asked whether she had confidence winning again at the anniversary, she said, "Hope so! (How did your boyfriend reward you?) He sent me a congratulatory text message! (When are you getting married?) Not yet. Win 'Leading Actress' first!"

Moses Chan wins 'Best Actor in a Leading Role' for "When Heaven Burns".

Nancy Wu wins 'Best Actress in a Supporting Role' for "Gloves Come Off".

Nancy Wu @ RazorTV Interview

Moses Chan @ RazorTV Interview

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Personal Note: Congratulations to Moses and Nancy! Both winning for boxing roles! :P

First time hearing Nancy speak English! Too bad Moses' speech was edited out!

*Credits to xinmsn, the-sun, razortv, and Weibo

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