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Monday, December 17, 2012

TV Awards Presentation 2012

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Best Series
"When Heaven Burns"

Best Actor
Wayne Lai ("The Confidant")

Best Actress
Tavia Yeung ("Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles")

Best Supporting Actor
Ku Ming Wah ("Divas in Distress")

Best Supporting Actress
Nancy Wu ("Gloves Come Off")

My Favourite TV Male Character
Kenneth Ma ("The Hippocratic Crush")

My Favourite TV Female Character
Kate Tsui ("Highs and Lows")

Most Improved Male Artiste
Oscar Leung ("L'Escargot", "Queens of Diamonds and Hearts", "House of Harmony and Vengeance", "Tiger Cubs", "The Confidant", "Big Boys' Club")

Most Improved Female Artiste
Mandy Wong ("L'Escargot", "The Hippocratic Crush", "Tiger Cubs", "Divas in Distress")

Best Host(s)
Lai Chi San ("Telling Maria")

Best Variety Programme
"Map of Happiness"

Best Enrichment Programme
"Pilgrimage of Hope"

Outstanding Actor Award
Chin Ka Lok, Benz Hui, Sunny Chan, Lee Sing Cheung & Carol Cheng

Lifetime Achievement Award
Liza Wang

Red Carpet @ TVBE

萬千星輝頒獎典禮最強列陣 @ "Scoop"

萬千星輝頒獎典禮王者駕到 @ "Scoop"

"Scoop" Clip



TVB8 Clip

Zuo You Shi Shang Clip

Zuo You Shi Shang Clip

Zuo You Shi Shang Clip

Youku Clip

Sina Clip

Sohu Clip

Sohu Clip

Yu Le Xin Tian Di Clip




ontv Clip

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

Apple Daily Clip

Apple Daily Clip

Apple Daily Clip

Apple Daily Clip

Apple Daily Clip

Apple Daily Clip

Ming Pao Clip

Ming Pao Clip

WOWtv Clip

Sudden Weekly Clip

Best Series: "When Heaven Burns"

Best Actor: Wayne Lai

Best Actress: Tavia Yeung

Best Supporting Actress: Nancy Wu

My Favourite TV Male Character: Kenneth Ma

My Favourite TV Female Character: Kate Tsui

Outstanding Actor Award: Chin Ka Lok, Benz Hui, Sunny Chan, Lee Sing Cheung & Carol Cheng

There was a total of 1,542,922 votes. Wayne Lai received 114,947 votes. Tavia Yeung received 110,795 votes. "When Heaven Burns" received 84,472 votes.

This year's awards presentation averaged 36 points, and peaked at 41 points (when 'Best Series' was presented).

The Communications Authority received 110 complaints, saying that the results were unfair, being unsatisfied with the voting results not being made public, and that more time should have been given to guests and award recipients to speak. TVB received 63 complaints, including 24 being unsatisfied with 'TV King', 10 being unsatisfied with 'TV Queen', nine being unsatisfied with 'Best Series', etc., and three complaints about the time not being managed well.

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Personal Note: Congratulations to all the winners! Happy and satisfied with the results!

Extremely happy for Tavia and Ma Ming! Tavia's speech was quite touching, especially when she mentioned that Garly has been with her for over ten years (have also been supporting her for over ten years). Although Ma Ming's speech was cut short, it reminded me of when he won 'Most Improved' in 2006...the same old Ma Ming! :P

Didn't expect Wayne to win TV king for the third time...never underestimate the power of 'hidden' fans! ;) Ma Ming's shocked expression was priceless...very genuine! :D

The recipients of 'Outstanding Actor' were unexpected, but all deserving! Indeed a fruitful year for Chin Ka Lok! :)

*Credits to the-sun, tavia.org, zuoyoushishang, youku, sina, sohu, yulexintiandi, lntv, gztv, appledaily, mingpao, wowtv, suddenweekly, ihktv, www.katetsui.org, nancywu.org, and Weibo


  1. I am happy with the results. Maybe except Best Actress.

  2. So happy for ALL the winners.

    Also, I know that people usually complain about pork awards, but I totally LOVE them, especially since it went to some underrated people such as Benz Hui, Sunny, and Lee Sing Cheung. I'm also happy (and slightly surprised) that they cherish Sunny since he took a year off but still got a Starhub and TVB award this year.

    1. I agree with you AC. The recipients for the Outstanding awards were a pleasant surprise, but all so very deserving! :)

    2. I believe Sunny renewed his contract. So, now he's a biological son. Very deserving!

    3. To Tracy:

      I think Sunny changed to a per series contract.

  3. Happy with this years award recipients!! :)

    Especially for kenneth and tavia!!! would of been better if kenneth wins BA too but still satisfied :)

  4. Congratulations to all the winners!! <3

    well deserved!!! :D so happy for TAVIA <3
    keep the hard work - step by step :)

  5. Extremely happy for tavia GREAT WIN CONGRATZ TAVIA the results are good except one most fav female character award

  6. wow...the appledaily people sound a lot like arses...

  7. LOL HK netizens sure like to complain a lot. hahahah i mean, for the first time ever, TVB is allowing THEM to vote and after the results come in, they still have stuff to complain whereas everybody online via blogs, tumblr, and twitter are saying that the awards this time around are actually given out to the artists who deserve them, especially the Outstanding Artists, i shed a tear or two for them because i felt so happy TVB was finally acknowledging them :)

  8. What a Coincident!!
    Sheren Tang won TVB Queen acting as 四太太 in RB while Tavia won hers also as 四太太 in SSSS. First time winning for both.
    Both also graduated from TVB acting classes. Seems Sheren is the first TVB graduate while Tavia is the second graduate to win the TVB Queen title.
    Will Tavia have consecutive wins same as Sheren?

    BTW, Thanks hyn5 for still having the previous years TVB Anniversary Awards in your site. Have enjoyed viewing them very much.