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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kenneth Ma Surrounded Downtown, Escapes to Alley



ontv Clip

Sohu Clip



TVB's anniversary awards will be held soon. This year's TV king is seen to be a fight among Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, and Wayne Lai. This year, Kenneth has been sponsored 2.5 million in jewellery to attend the ceremony. Yesterday, on his way to downtown Causeway Bay, he was immediately requested by fans to take pictures with them. Kenneth cordially took self-taken pictures with the fans. Staying for five minutes, already attracted almost a hundred fans, including students, housewives, those going to work, etc., surrounding him...could see that the range of Kenneth's fans is very broad! Some fans even told him: "I really like your series, 'The Hippocratic Crush'...at that time, watched it every day, and also voted to support you to be TV king!" During this, because more and more people gathered around, some fans were almost hit by cars. Kenneth saw that it was gradually getting chaotic, so he immediately went into an alley to avoid the crowd.

Many Hidden Fans: Have the Strength to Compete

Although it has been said that Raymond has many fans, Kenneth frankly said that he also has many fans: "Raymond may have many music fans and movie fans. I also have many hidden mans...would not lose out! This year's competition rules are one vote per person. Viewers are also voting at home, so the results are very difficult to say!" Kenneth laughingly said that he wants to win awards, but afraid of being embarrassed, so haven't dared to openly rally for votes: "I'm facing the results with a normal heart, but don't say that I don't want the award. Actually, I really want awards. As an artiste who isn't stabilized yet, also want an award to give affirmation to myself".

Kenneth, who recently won TV king at Malaysia's "Astro on Demand Awards 2012", even frankly said, "To be able to win TV king for 'Hippocratic' at Astro has already helped me rally votes!" Afterward, Kenneth went to try on jewellery. Regarding a group of netizens supporting him to be TV king, he immediately expressed, "Very thankful to them, so I specially came to choose jewellery because, even if losing, cannot lose momentum on awards day. Hope that I look more lively then!" He even said that if he were to successfully win an award, he also wants to repay his mother by giving her jewellery.

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Ma Ming was just passing by, and he got surrounded by many people! :D

Did not expect Ma Ming to try on a stud! :P

*Credits to kennethma.org, orientaldaily, the-sun, sohu, and cutv


  1. i never knew ma ming had pierced ears?

  2. Happy to see Kenneth with so many fans, "hidden" fans as he says. So nice of him to stop and take pictures with his fans =] Support Kenneth for Best Actor!