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Monday, December 3, 2012

Astro on Demand Awards 2012 Celebration


"Astro on Demand Awards 2012" was held last night. "The Hippocratic Crush" was the big winner, sweeping eight awards.


"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip

Moses Chan @ tvb.com

Kenneth Ma @ tvb.com

Myolie Wu @ tvb.com

Kate Tsui @ tvb.com

Tavia Yeung @ tvb.com

Ku Ming Wah @ tvb.com

Raymond Lam @ Tencent Weibo

Kate Tsui @ Tencent Weibo

Kenneth Ma @ Tencent Weibo

馬來西亞攞獎 藝員揚威海外

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Personal Note: Not only did Poon Ka Tak cast Tavia in her first prominent role, Ma Ming's first prominent role was also in Poon Ka Tak's "Triumph in the Skies"! :D

In the "Hippocratic" group picture with the awards, there's only seven awards...where's the rest?

*Credits to tavia.org, tvb.com, Weibo, and Tencent Weibo


  1. Shouldn't there be 9 trophies altogether for THC?
    Best Drama 1
    Kenneth 3
    Tavia 3
    Him 2

    1. Forgot that Ma Ming and Tavia both received an individual award for 'My Favourite On Screen Couple'. ;)

  2. Actually, Kennethh was paired with Tavia in Eternal Happiness. Ten years later, both of them have improved tremendously and I think Poon Ka Tak did a great job casting "Yat-Kin" and "Tze Yue"!

    1. Lai Ming Tong wasn't a prominent character.