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Thursday, November 29, 2012

'Young Ignorance' Wins CASH: Unfortunately Lacking Bowie Lam to Perform Together




Moses Chan, Kenny Wong, and Bowie Lam won 'Best Vocal Collaborations' at CASH's awards ceremony for TVB's "When Heaven Burns" [sub] song, "Young Ignorance". Unfortunately, Bowie is working in Mainland; thus, under the circumstances of three without one, could not perform live. Moses and Kenny said that they did not expect the song to win a music award for a second time. "When Heaven Burns" can be said to be a miraculous journey. For the song to be able to win an award at the CASH awards ceremony can be considered a classic and praise for them as TV people.

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Personal Note: Congratulations to Sober Band once again! When Bowie first introduced the three of them as Sober Band, didn't expect the song to make such an impact, even getting acknowledged by the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong! :D

*Credits to headlinedaily and the-sun


  1. lol Well I wouldn't give them too much credit since the real music talent is Paul Wong! So did Paul win a composer award for the song as well?

    1. To sport3888:

      The award that Bowie, Moses, and Kenny won is literally called 'Best Duet Performance', so they actually won for their rendition; however, CASH tends to look at the quality of the song as well.

      Vicky Fung won 'Best Melody' for Gin Lee's 今天終於一人回家.