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Monday, November 12, 2012

《情逆三世緣》 "Love Reverses Three Lifetimes of Fate" Costume Fitting Pictures




- 30 episodes long.
- There will be location filming at a new filming studio in Foshan.
- The series will go from the Song Dynasty to the '50s and '60s, and then to the present...a love story that spans a thousand years.
- The ancient portion constitutes 15 episodes. The '50s portion constitutes 12 to 13 episodes. The modern portion constitutes two to three episodes.
- The female lead has been cursed to die three times in the hands of her beloved person.
- Bobby Au Yeung will play Yuan Jinchang (袁金昌), a CID. He kills his lover, Yang Xixue, and he becomes so hurt that he travels back to the Song Dynasty, becoming Judge Bao. He encounters Princess Sheng Ping and pursues her; however, the princess dies under his guillotine. He becomes hurt again, has an out-of-body experience, travels to '50s and '60s Hong Kong, and becomes Inspector Hua Longbiao (華龍飆). He encounters triad boss lady Tian Qiufeng, and the two have a love story again, but tragedy repeats with Qiufeng dying in his hands again.
- Esther Kwan will play modern reporter Yang Xixue (楊夕雪), Princess Sheng Ping (昇平公主) in the Song Dynasty, and triad boss lady Tian Qiufeng (田秋鳳) in the '50s and '60s, who die in the hands of her lover because she swore a blood oath: "From now on, will abstain from love, and will not have any love matters. If not, would be killed by the man who loves me".
- Ben Wong will be in the ancient times; however, when it goes to pre-modern times, Mandy Wong will become his character due to reincarnation. He is Esther's senior, and they grew up together; however, after Bobby's appearance, their relationship changes. He thinks that Bobby is the third party; because love has become hate, he tries to cause damage. He intends to kill Bobby. He forces Esther to swear a blood oath, and is the chief instigator of the thousand-year bitter love story.
- Mandy will play Tin Chau Ngan (田秋雁), a '50s person. She works in public relations. She is a villain who is a serial killer. She is initially an exotic dancer (the head of an exotic dance company), but later becomes a policewoman. She is Esther's younger sister. She frequently thinks of ways to harm her elder sister. In order to exact revenge, she keeps killing people.
- Ngo Ka Nin will play a '50s person. He is Bobby's father. He will go from young to old age.
- Rebecca Zhu will play Lam Yim Fong (林豔芳), a '50s person. She is a member of a song and dance ensemble. She is Bobby's mother.
- Ram Chiang will play Gongsun Ce (公孫策).
- Benjamin Yuen will play Zhan Zhao (展昭). He talks particularly more after getting drunk. He becomes very shy when seeing the princess, creating many laughs.
- KK Cheung will play Emperor Song Renzong (宋仁宗).
- Christine Kuo will play Princess Pan Pan (盼盼公主), a sassy princess. She will have a romantic storyline with Benjamin.
- JJ Jia will play Consort Xian (賢妃).
- Vivien Yeo will play Consort Shu (淑妃).
- Crystal Li will play Consort De (德妃).
- Candy Yuen will play a member of a song and dance ensemble in the '50s and '60s.
- Vincent Lam will play a triad leader in the '50s who dies in the end. He is Esther's husband.
- Yuang Cheung will play a polio patient. He is Esther's younger brother.

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FYI: The official English title of this series is "Always and Ever".

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Personal Note: Bobby has lost even more weight! Prefer Esther's ancient look. Looking forward to this golden couple collaborating again! :D

Mandy's wig is unappealing....

Christine's boy look reminds me of Bernice's boy look in "Virtues of Harmony", while her sassy princess role sounds like an Aimee role.... o_O

*Credits to the-sun, Weibo, and Tencent Weibo


  1. you're right! christine's costume looks similar to bernice's...wonder if it's the same HAHA

    and the recincarnation and changing of character sounds confusing...hopefully it won't be

  2. LOL Ka Nin & Rebecca are playing Bobby's parents? That is so odd & hilarious.