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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Claire Yiu and Tavia Yeung's Conversation on Weibo

Lam Family

Claire Yiu: "Today, my son, Kyros, is 100 days old. Coincidentally, it is me and my husband's sixth-year wedding anniversary! Really have to thank the heavens for giving me such a good family...a husband who dearly loves me and a pair of special and adorable children! As I age, I find that family, relatives, and friends are the most important. Hope that everyone around me is also happy and healthy! The current me is the most happy and the most content because I extremely treasure everything around me!"

Tavia Yeung: "When I saw goddaughter today, she was finally willing to call me godmother...very touched [tear][tear], but the most touching is seeing your family blissful and happy [shy][heart][heart][heart][heart][heart][heart][heart][heart]".

Claire Yiu: "When looking back, found out that your goddaughter took more pictures with you than with me! [angry][frantic][haha]"

Tavia Yeung: "Really? Hohoho! Smart girl...knows how to pick! [hehe][hehe][hehe]"

Claire Yiu: "Yes! You really have fate with little kids! Soon, it'll be your turn to have kids! [haha][secretly laugh][applaud]"

Personal Note: A very nice picture of the Lam family! :D

Aww.... Tavia's heart must have melted when Kyra called her godmother! :)

*Credits to Weibo


  1. haha!! That's so sweet to hear :) Hope Tavia will find her own happiness in the future once she has her own family. Claire's son and daughter are so cute <3

  2. So cute ah!!! God-mother's extremely happy haha- so sweet!