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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rebecca Zhu Choosing a Boyfriend: Forced to Have Kenneth Ma



Last year's Miss Hong Kong winner, Rebecca Zhu, was fortunate to collaborate with TVB's two handsome guys, Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng, in her first series. She was full of praises for the two. If she had to choose one of the two, she laughingly said, "They're both tall and handsome. Any girl would like them! Really very difficult to choose. Kenneth is also right beside me. If I don't choose him, he may get mad at me!" Kenneth immediately looked at her and said, "Well, it is really quite difficult to choose because I'm sitting beside you...unless you take my exterior!"

Before Kenneth worked with Rebecca, he did not know who she was: "Truthfully, didn't really know who she was. Knew that she was a Miss Hong Kong winner. It was only the first day of filming 'Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles' with her that I knew how she looked". Rebecca even revealed that, before filming, Kenneth called her by the wrong name: "One day, he thought that I was someone else, but will not say whom he mistook me for!" Kenneth immediately interrupted, "Really? Really don't remember. Called you Fala Chen? Ha ha!"

The two of them became familiar with each other because of filming series. Kenneth even created a nickname for her. He laughingly said, "We created 'Morning Beautiful Zhu' for her. Many people with nicknames would get popular, but thought that it was too long, so called her 'Morning Zhu' afterward". However, Rebecca frankly said that it's extremely difficult to take in: "At first, was really not used to hearing it. Thought that the name was really weird, but he liked calling me that, so can't help it".

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Personal Note: Ma Ming was the one who came up with the nickname 「Morning 朱」, but didn't know that it was originally the more literal 「Morning Beautiful 朱」! :P

Rebecca sometimes refers to herself as 'Morning', so she must like the nickname now! :)

Enjoying their partnership in "Silver"! :)

*Credits to the-sun

1 comment:

  1. I think Kenneth's nickname for Rebecca is sweet. I have noticed too that she refers herself as 'Morning' or "Morning 朱", so she has most likely grown to like it.
    I like their interactions in the series as well as off-screen.
    They look compatible together appearance-wise too.