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Monday, November 5, 2012

Kenneth Ma Running for TV King: Will Not Rally for Votes


J2 Clip




Kenneth Ma attended a radio station to promote the new series "Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles". As for the new series' focus falling on Damian Lau, he said, "That's normal. My line with Rebecca Zhu has just begun!" When asked whether he had confidence in winning TV king, he frankly pointed out that "The Hippocratic Crush" was released too early: "Because it aired earlier, it's a slight disadvantage. (Rally for votes?) I feel that telling others to vote for myself would be very awkward!"

Kenneth Ma @ 《開心家天下》

Kenneth Ma @ 《開心家天下》 (Full Version)

Personal Note: He he.... During the "Happy Family" radio interview, Nancy Sit said that she supports Ma Ming for TV king! :)

Ma Ming mentioned that "Silver" was set up so that he and Tavia would have a romantic storyline, but it was eventually not written that way because there were too many plot lines to explain. Such a pity!

*Credits to the-sun, cutv, gztv, and kennethma.org


  1. haha im surprised nancy never mentioned working with Ma Ming during Born Rich, but remembers Loving You hahaha~!

    good property ~

    i love how this interview touched on almost everything. from tvb acting school, to nancy (wu) , to kenneth's cooperation with co-stars, to SSSS XD

  2. Darn, I really wish that Kenneth and Tavia did pair up in this series since their storyline in the beginning would have made it make sense! From the episodes I've watched, I'm not really liking her character with Damian, but maybe that's because I really like Idy and Damian together in this series.