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Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Games Gods Play" Episode 3

鄉下小姐選舉 featuring Michael Tse


主場大辯論 featuring Christine Kuo & Eliza Sam

Louis Yuen as Alan Luo, Wong Cho Lam as Tsai Chin & Johnson Lee as Harlem Yu

FYI: The third episode of "Games Gods Play" averaged 22 points.

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Personal Note: Clever of Prince Laughing to wear an extra sock! :P Thought that Siu Po was going to make the final five for Miss Hong Ha....

Enjoyed Louis' imitation of Mimi Chu more than Cho Lam's imitation of Liza Wang. Funny when Louis said that Lee Ka Ting was the one who taught "Gangnam Style"! :P

Surprised that Louis was able to do the handstand on the chair during his imitation of Alan Luo...very impressive!

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