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Friday, November 16, 2012

Nominations for Anniversary Awards Revealed


'Best Actor', 'Best Actress', and 'Best Series' will be voted entirely by the audience. The other awards will be voted by 3,000 TVB staff members and a panel of judges consisting of nine executives, each temporarily constituting a 50 percent ratio. On the 21st, there will be a press conference, and the final nomination list will be announced.


Personal Note: Sandy Yu does not know the difference between 'Best' and 'People's Choice'! 囧!

Eliza nominated in three categories?!

Linda not nominated in 'Favourite'?!

*Credits to mingpao and ihktv


  1. I have so many "why's" about this list:
    Why isn't Raymond Wong nominated for his role in "Bottled Passion"?! Niki Chow is nominated for it...
    Why is Michael Miu not nominated in Best Actor?
    Why does Tavia Yeung get two nominations in Fav Character?

    I can't believe the results will be based entirely on audience's votes... o_O

    1. To turtle88:

      Raymond Wong was nominated for his performance in "Gloves" for AOD, so wouldn't be surprised if it's the same for the anniversary awards.

    2. I didn't watch "Gloves" but loved his performance and character in Bottled Passion. The series and Raymond's performance had a lot of positive feedback. Too bad he wasn't aired before the awards last year or later on this year. I felt like he deserved to be Best Actor for 2011.

      I just feel like his nomination for Bottled Passion would be a better representative work of his for awards...

  2. LOL "best" actor. This year is going to be a joke.

    1. I feel like "best" actress is a bigger joke this year xD

  3. Aimee is considered lead?!

    Hope Charmaine will get nominated for When Heaven Burns... she won't win but at least it's a token and shows TVB didn't forget about the drama.

  4. Come on...Lai Yiu Cheung~~
    i didn't much watch any above the drama...except d recent 1 The Confidant~~~other drama actor/actress is so *cough*~~i juz hope Lai Yiu Cheung wins~~