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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wong He Gives Linda Chung Aroma Diffuser



Because of "Twilight Investigation", Wong He and Linda Chung became good friends. Although Linda has to film her series, and thus has been unable to make money with He as a couple partnership, He specifically returned to TVB City to give Linda an aroma diffuser as a Christmas present. Linda, who has been throwing up from a stomach flu, was stunned; however, after receiving her present, she immediately gave him a hug. She said, "When I had insomnia, I was planning on getting this--never thought that He and I would think the same. He is really attentive; he is my most compatible partner!" When asked what she would getting He, He immediately interrupted, "Free your schedule. Mainland is asking for us to do some stage performances!" With excitement, Linda said that she will have time in the beginning of January, laughingly requesting to 'reconcile' with He.

Personal Note: Nice to see that He and Linda have become friends, and that their couple partnership is quite well-received! Linda already praised He numerous times during the promos of "The Gem of Life". Anyway, very sweet of him to get her such a thoughtful gift. :)

*Credits to the-sun


  1. I remember during 881 Cha Siu Yan interview a while back when BF3 was airing Wong Hei mentioned how Linda would participate in a charity activity he was doing. (not the promotion type that'd you see on tv) Wong Hei does alot of charity work especially small organizations that need money for children who go to school in poor places in China. He says big organization like the ones you see on tvb gather up large amounts of money each year while small ones that can't campaign for themselves don't get any help.

    Just from his interviews you can tell Wong Hei is a nice person. from vdonext interview. He mentioned how he would drive aids patients to hospital and would have to have bags from hospital in case they throw up or is really sick. I guess it might relate to how he used to be a police officer as well and have really saved 2/3 people from a fire where 2 were officers as well.

    I really don't know why Wong Hei gets accused to not getting along with his colleagues or get written negatively alot. He's such a great actor yet is so underrated.

  2. So nice to see what great friends WH and Linda have become! Their partnership in Twilight has been such a wonderful surprise! I was a bit scared of the pairing when I first of the collaboration, but it's been great watching them on screen together. And seriously, how thoughtful of WH to give Linda the diffuser ... such a nice man! :D

  3. Awww, very sweet of Wong Hei to give Linda the present! He's really a nice guy! Hope to see them collaborating together again!~

  4. "he is my most compatible partner!"

    Didn't Linda say the same thing about Steven Ma being her most compatitble partner during their (Steven & Linda's) interviews?

  5. To Anonymous:

    Yes, Linda did say that previously, but He is her most compatible partner now.

  6. Funny how Linda's response changed accordingly to who was with her at the time of her promo interview. When with Steven then said he was her best onscreen partner (said it at their AWT promo interviews even though TI had already finished production); when with Wong Hei then said WH is her most compatible partner. But then that's showbiz.

  7. To tamaya:

    It seems that Linda views her relationship with Steven and He differently.She views Steven as a brotherly figure, whereas He is more like her mentor.