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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cast Change for Ron Ng's New Series: Netizens Complain



In TVB's Sales Presentation, it featured "Back to the Three Kingdoms" with Ron Ng, Steven Ma, and Fala Chen, which is scheduled to film next year. However, there are reports indicating that Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung will be starring instead, becoming the sequel of "The Mysteries of Love". This has caused many netizens to complain on TVB's website, as they believe that this is unfair to Ron.

Reporters called Ron yesterday, and he admitted that he heard about the 'cast change': "The cast that films the promotional clip does not necessarily take part! When 'Back' starts filming, I have to film 'Forensic Heroes III", so it basically does not fit into my schedule! (Disappointed?) No! The story of 'Forensic' is also good. I will play a cop, so I am also anticipating it!"

Personal Note: Based on this article, Ron has not taken on "Back" yet. Don't know if TVB will rearrange his schedule such that he'll have to film both at the same time. "Forensic" will film until April, and since "Back" starts filming at the beginning of March, he could end up having to overlap for a month.

*Credits to the-sun


  1. This news made me feel really sorry for Ron to lose his part in a promising series if not the most promising in the sales presentation, just because he's occupied with Forensics 3. Maybe TVB can postpone the filming of Three Kingdom to a later time so that Ron can take part in both since it sounds like both Forensics 3 and Three Kingdom are promising series.

  2. It will be tiring on Ron if he has to film overlapping series although I'm aware many TVB artistes have overlapping series.

  3. I'm very sad for Ron and Fala that they might be replaced by Raymond and Tavia becoming The Mysteries Of Love sequel. I like Ron and Fala very much in the Sales Presentation. Really hoping that they'll stay in the series. :)

  4. even though I dislike Ron, the combination of StevenxRon as best friends and with Fala as female lead looked really promising and REFRESHING! but oh well.

    Oh well wasn't planning to watch this series after hearing Steven wouldn't be taking part so doesn't matter.

  5. To Selina:

    Still think that Ron has a chance to be in it. It really depends on whether the producer fights for you.

    To sport3888:

    Steven and Ron have already collaborated in "The Brink of Law", but that was a modern series, and it was a number of years ago. Also, Steven is too young to play the role of Kwan Yu

  6. i think for the sake of the role..because its like comedic/modern day computer gamers type...i really hope ron still plays the role..hahah he really suits it...and i think i'd really enjoy his friendship with steven.

    i have no thoughts on the replacement of the female lead...but since i saw fala in it first, and she does seem like she could have a pretty funny chemistry with ron..would like to keep her too

    hahas...hope tvb just makes another drama for ray&tavia if they are trying to promote this couple...i cant wait to see them with bobby :)

  7. AW. I really hope he will get to film this! I remember that one clip where he was speaking, along with Tavia about the sales presentation, and they were also joking around:)

    Lol, anyways, he seemed pretty happy about it and I definitely hope he gets to take part.

    Also, I know the sales presentation clip aren't always as shown, but most are similar, but after hearing that it might be a sequel to MOL, not really sure how that's gonna work out.

    Well, I'm gonna hope for the best!

  8. Wait I know Fala and Ron are removed
    is Steven still in it?
    I agree this series did look promising with that cast

  9. I just realized that most of the talks are leaving out Steven. Now I wonder what happens to Steven's position in this series too. Maybe the media don't mention him because he's not a lead for the series.

    Last time Steven also filmed the sales presentation for Burning Flame 3, but he got removed and replaced by Kevin. It's a blessing because the script is a mess. I still don't understand how the series mantains decent ratings throughout and Aimee Chan gets so popular.

  10. To Anonymous & Selina

    There were rumours from a couple of tabloid articles (that came out before "Links" aired) saying that Steven would have a few grand ancient productions this year, and one of them was supposed to be "Back". But, doesn't seem as though he is in it.... Guess they were just rumours after all.

  11. I honestly really think that Ron fits the role way more than Raymond.... and I liked the original cast with Ron and Fala and Steven as well!
    I'm sorry but I don't really think Tavia and Raymond's image really matches this series... =.= I think they look kind of "older" / "mature" to be a hardcore gamer.... like especially Raymond.. LOLLL doesn't seem like that type.

    I really have no problem with another FungYi series, but I think another series would be best for that and I'm sure their fans would like to see a more romance centered drama for them too.

    I personally think Ron fits the role really well.

  12. To Anonymous:

    The cast in the Sales Presentation is not confirmed. When a series that was featured in the Sales is actually confirmed to film, the storyline is not necessarily the same (e.g., "A Fistful of Stances" was featured as more of a comedy in the Sales). Also, the characters in the Sales may later be changed or may not even be in series when it is actually filmed (e.g., "No Regrets", "7 Days in Life").

    Yes, Ron was very fitting for the character that was featured in the Sales clip of "Three", but it is still not known as to whether Raymond will be playing the exact same character that Ron played in the clip. Thus, it is incorrect to make the conclusion that Raymond and Tavia's image does not match the series when we still do not know what characters they will be portraying.