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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Links to Temptation" Theme Song MV & Full MV

"Links to Temptation" Theme Song MV

"Links to Temptation" Full MV

"Transferred Connection of Love" - Fala Chen

愛情轉駁 《誘情轉駁》 主題曲 - 陳法拉

作曲: 鄧智偉/梁弋文
填詞: 余皓文
編曲: 葉肇中
監製: 鄧智偉

*風輕吹紅裙調情 手機響鈴來留名
在沿路上 遇見到 動情在背影
為我你心跳人醉倒 感覺猶像浮游夢境國度 將你神暈兼癲倒
轉駁感情可應該 充滿猜疑緣何來
但還是在 在等待 待情幻化開
若你已將我留腦海 把這唯美凝住萬分按捺 可以和我忽然愛

Repeat *

Love and sensation beckoning to me darling
Such a temptation following with me baby

Personal Note: Don't think Fala is ready for the music industry. Wonder what image she will take....

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. i dont think she sings bad i just the song is bad

  2. To jwl:

    She didn't sing well, and the song is not fitted for the series.

  3. im disappointed in the themesong... i mean for a series where i was expecting to see lots of drama....esp with yoyo being an evil character... the themesong seems really irrelevant to the themes in their trailers

    and so does that mean yoyo is supporting only??

    i think if they made a more intense song than this and had steven ma sing...it'd be better

    THIS song is so random..

  4. I don't think Fala sings the song badly... but it's just such a terrible choice for the show. Now that TVB has resolved the copyright fee issue, will they ever get real singers to sing the theme songs again?

  5. Fala's singing is not bad, but the song does not suit the theme of the series. It's not the first time TVB did something like this.

  6. this song is soooo random and doesn't fit this drama at all!!! Fala isn't a bad singer but you can tell that she's a newbie...

  7. @Sandalls:

    Yeah agreed. I thought Fala was quite a good singer all along, based from the result she gave for her first recording for The Stew Of Life. I thought she was good for the first time. For a newbie, I think we can't expect them to be as good as experienced singers.

  8. well Steven's a real singer. but omg this song is a total misfit for this series! It's suppose to be thriller/suspense with drama. I expected a rock song and something more powerful sang by Steven! This obviously shows TVB didn't care about this series! The copyright issue has nothing to do with this cause all TVB songs are composed by their own writers! and there weren't anything wrong with No Regrets or Gun Metal Grey themesongs!

    This probably created a bad impression for those who only watch the themevideo and thought it was another lighthearted series that can be skipped.

  9. @ Sport3888:

    Yeah I totally agree. The song doesn't match the series at all. Personally I would prefer Steven to sing a much more powerful song. But I thought Fala sang quite alright. Just that TVB put her song to a wrong series. Yeah, themesongs are real important for a series. Cause the first thing the audience hear is the themesong. Hope the song wouldn't affect the ratings or the audiences' interest.

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