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Sunday, December 5, 2010

TV Awards Presentation 2010

Best line of the night goes to Johnnie To when he was announcing the award for 'Best Series'. "If it's not rigged, it should be that one. Oh, it's not!"

Red Carpet Entrance

Best Actor: Wayne Lai
Best Actress: Sheren Tang
My Favourite TV Male Character: Raymond Lam
My Favourite TV Female Character: Charmaine Sheh
Best Supporting Actor: Evergreen Mak
Best Supporting Actress: Fala Chen
Most Improved Male Artiste: Raymond Wong
Most Improved Female Artiste: Natalie Tong
Best Host(s): Liza Wang, Louis Yuen, Johnson Lee & Wong Cho Lam
Best Series: "Can't Buy Me Love"
Best Variety Enrichment Programme: "The Voice 2"
Most Admirable Variety Programme Award: "HK ARTchitecture"
tvb.com Popularity Award: Raymond Lam
Best Professionalism Performance Award: Moses Chan
Lifetime Achievement Award: Louise Lee

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Personal Note: The awards are expected, but can't believe that TVB actually gave Wayne this award consecutively. There are speculations about Bowie no longer being a TVB-managed artiste, so it seems likely that TVB is pushing Wayne to take over Bowie's position. Wayne mentioned recently that he is in talks about signing with TVB, so he has either already signed with TVB or TVB is persuading him to sign with them.

Raymond received the same awards that he did two years ago. The character Kingsley is a popular character, but there is nothing special about it.

Can't believe that TVB gave Fala 'Supporting' again, especially for this particular performance! Thought executives would actually look at the acting. The other four nominees would have definitely been more deserving! Guess that Fala is not big enough to win 'Female Character'....

In Raymond Wong's acceptance speech, he announced that his wife is pregnant. Congratulations to the both of them!

The 'Best Series' award has been demoted to a consolation prize! Surprised that "A Fistful of Stances" and "When Lanes Merge" didn't make top five, but happy that "A Chip Off the Old Block" did.

Louise is the youngest recipient of the 'Lifetime Achievement' award. Would have expected TVB to award it to either Lee Heung Kam or Lau Siu Ming....

*Credits to tvb.com


  1. I just finished watching the anniversary awards.

    I guess Wayne and Sheren were expected to grab the Best Actor/Actress. That's why CBML was given the consolation award, Best Drama. I'm glad Evergreen won (although Dominic was a strong contender). He's finally getting recognized. I knew Fala was going to win this year. I didn't expect Best Supporting again. She should have won for her performance in GW. Raymond Wong was expected to win Most Improved. Congrats to him and his wife!

    I think most people are happy with the results, with the exception of Selena and Steven not winning this year, Raymond Lam winning My Favorite Male Character and Fala winning for Best Supporting.

    Hopefully next year will be better for everyone. I was just thinking how many TVB actors/actresses haven't won yet. For example, Steven should have won for Safe Guards years ago and Selena should have won Most Improved years ago. Derek Kwok is another versatile actor who isn't really recognized. Not to mention, leading actors like Joe Ma haven't won the Best Actor award yet. Hopefully there will be a better selection for top 5 next year.

  2. Even though the results were expected, I wasn't very happy with them. I'm disappointed that Selena, Kenneth or Steven didn't get any awards. I didn't like how Raymond won Best Male Character (it wasn't really that special of a character, pretty dull) and Fala winning Most Supported (her acting wasn't that great in NR). Most disappointing was seeing Natalie win (sorry to her fans) but she was only a little better in FOS and pretty normal in her other roles, so she didn't improve that much imo. Sigh... it's TVB after all. It's surprising to see Sheren and Wayne being able to win two years consecutively. I don't have any hope in TVB awards anymore...

  3. It's disappointing Ma Ming didn't get the Favorite Character award for AFOS; and yes, I agree that Steven should have got Best Actor award a whole while ago; Wonder if this means he'll ever have the chance of getting one; Glad that Mak Bao is finally getting some recognition though; Also Supporting Actress, feel as though Kara or Nancy should've got it, or even Selena...she's another one TVB seems to neglect as well; Best Series award: understandable since TVB wants to give consolation prizes after all NR got all the Best Actor/Actress, Supporting awards...as well as that new professional award for Mo which is also some sort of consolation; TVB popularity award: i think there should be a different winner every year.. its only more fair that way; all in all it's surprising they let Sheren and Wayne grab best actress and best actor for 2 consecutive years since there's no one before in TVB history who's had that treatment (i mean even though they deserved it)

  4. How awkward was the "best series award" segment? The whole atmosphere toned down immensely! Also, you could tell that the man who presented the award was not happy with the result. 'No Regrets' should've taken home 'best series as well - I just don't understand the hype around 'Can't Buy Me Love', it's way too overrated.

  5. What?! Can't believe Can't Buy Me Love got Best Series, I suppose TVB used ratings to justify.
    But its great that Wayne and Sheren won again.

    For me, I think most of the awards were rightful except for Natalie, I'm sure others were more deserving than her for Most Improved

  6. Agree! I was also very stunned when they announced CBML as the winner! Everybody present was. I must say that this is one of the biggest upsets of the night! CBML winning the best drama has lowered the prestige of the prize. I'm glad that it got quite a chilly reception from the audience.

    I'm unhappy with...
    BEST DRAMA - should have been NR's
    FAV MALE CHARACTER - should have been Kenneth's
    BEST SUPPORTING FEMALE - I was sooo rooting for Kara...

  7. Whilst I'm not surprised at the winner this year, I am disappointed. It's obvious that TVB gave these awards to appease their top & highly promoted actors. I do believe that Raymond is a good actor, but his character of Kingsley in Mysteries of Love did not deserve an award this year considering the competition he had. Wayne's performance in No Regrets is not as good as his performance last year in Rosy Business. And I think they forcefully gave awards to Moses & Charmaine considering their status & since Can't Buy Me Love was meant to be a big series.

    I think, of the acting awards, the deserving ones were Sheren & Raymond Wong. I think these two actors were above the league of their competition. And of course Louise Lee is highly deserving!

  8. Selena should have won most improve or best supporting. Fala dont need to win another best support award and Selena is a better actress than Natalie.

  9. I'm surprised that they gave Wayne the award again this year but it was a happy surprise because I thought he did deserve it.

    I was thinking that they would push Steven Ma more but I didn't see a lot of media speculation on that part since it was built up to be more of a Wayne vs Moses thing. I thought the whole thing when he did win was cute since she didn't even look at the card. haha

    I also loved how excited everyone was for Evergreen Mak

  10. quote hyn5:'Can't believe that TVB gave Fala 'Supporting' again'

    I TOLLAY AGREE!! her performance wasn't anything special no offence

  11. Didn't Stephen Chow win the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1999? That would make him the youngest recipient.

  12. The results were definitely expected, but I also didnt agree with Fala winning best supporting actress, I felt that her character in No Regrets wasn't that great :T But everyone else deserved their rewards :) my fave drama this yr was CBML so happy they won!

  13. Also, I think TVB is laying the path out for Fala to make it top 5 next year. It's obvious that she is highly promoted at TVB. I think she should have won for her performance in GW, not NR. Maybe TVB just wanted award to NR for losing out on Best Drama.

    I'm sensing that Selena will follow the path of Michelle Ye, Leila Tong, and Bernice Liu. She should have won the Most Improved years ago. I think she will have a better chance at Best Supporting next year.

    Best Professionalism Performance Award, which was invented last year for Tavia as a consolation award, should not exist again! When I hear "best professionalism", I think of someone with many years of experiences, someone who can portray any given roles, etc. To give the award to Tavia and Moses as a consolation prize is pathetic.

  14. The only awards I agreed with were Best Actor & Actress, Supporting Actor, and Host. The rest were... undeserving. CBML winning Best Drama is laughable and embarrassing.

  15. Major disappointments with this year's awards (in order):
    1. Raymond Lam winning 2 awards, Most Favourite and Popularity. His Kingsley is not even likable. If TVB wants to give him consolation prize, popularity award is good enough. If they want to give out Most Favourite as a consolation prize, it should go to Steven Ma instead.
    2. Fala winning Best Supporting? She made a breakthrough in GW but she was nominated for NR. So it should be judged based on NR, and she is far from the Best Supporting Actress in NR. Her character is the most boring inside, and there are other so much more deserving contenders than her.
    3. AFOS and GMG not even in Top 5. What is TVB thinking? I don't mind ACOTOB because it's good but EMYM? Like everyone said, it's random.
    4. CBML winning Best Series. I would think AFOS and GMG deserves it more, but if we count popularity, then fine, I would rather NR wins.
    5. Wayne winning Best Actor. I still wish it's Felix, even though I know that it's close to impossible, which is why this disappointment is fifth in order.
    6. Natalie winning Most Improved instead of Selena, and Evergreen winning Best Supporting instead of Dominic Lam. But I'm still happy for them. Even though they are not my first pick, I can't say they don't deserve to win.

    The best and most deserving result from this year award is Raymond Wong winning Most Improved.

    To Tracy: I think you are confusing professionalism award with lifetime achievement. TVB does have an award to reward the people with years of experience and that is the Lifetime Achievement Award which Louise Lee wins this year (though I agree with others, it should have been given to Lee Heung Kam).
    Professionalism award or termed 'Best Performance Award' is more like employee of the year award.

  16. Selena has been nominated 5 times for Most Improved and 4 times for Best Supporting. And what she gets? Nothing. Every year one or two nominations of these awards will be added to her collection.

    What's the point of nominating her then? For the sake of 'nominating', they use her to fill up space in the Best Supporting category, they use her to 'make' a bit of competition for the eventual winner of the Most Improved Award, to make the winner not too obvious and predictable.

    As they don't intent to ever give her an award, then please don't nominate her at all. Don't make use of her for the reasons above. Please don't torture her and the fans anymore, don't give us hope and big disappointment every year. It's truly very evil.

    There isn't any other artist nominated for so many times and never winning. She's definitely the record holder for this. Other artists gets either no nomination anymore, either wins at least an award.

    No need to mention that all actresses that are popular now (Linda, Fala, Kate, Aimee*) all entered TVB later than Selena. Linda won after 2 years in TVB (at age 22); Fala after 2 years (at age 25); Kate after 3 years (at age 28); Aimee after 3 years (at age 28). They all surpassed Selena long ago.
    Even actresses before Selena got their first award much earlier. Shirley after 3 years (at age 26); Myolie after 3 years (age 23); Tavia after 4 years (age 24).
    Tragic to say that next year is her 8th year in TVB already and she will probably gets nominated again (age 30) and probably 陪坐 again as usual. It's unbearable. I'm heartbroken.

    * As for Aimee, she never surpassed Selena in popularity nor acting. TVB knows that Aimee will not be able to win with Selena's presence in the same category or the complaints will fly to their head. To avoid this, they simply don't nominate Selena at all and their excuse is easily found as Selena wouldn't attend the Awards show.

    Thank you for reading. This is all what I can say.

  17. before tavia got promoted in these recent 2 years...she has been like what selena was; i remember she was nominated for most improved after she got it like 10 years ago @.@ i think it's the same thing now w/ selena

  18. is it true that if you win lifetime achievement, you can no longer be competing in the awards anymore? That's why I heard some of Louise lee fans were upset --- cause it meant she can no longer run for any awards.

    those awards to raymond lam felt like porkchop awards, no offence.... but some TVB tried to do, to keep their kids at the show.

    same with best supporting actress--- i thought kara should have won. her performance in Fistful was great!! :)

    the awards were just ... average this year. I just love watching the guests...Sandra was hilarious!!!

  19. @Lizzy:

    Exactly! I'm very disappointed that Selena gets nominated time and time again, but never get the award where she's so deserving of it. TVB nominates her almost every year, giving her hopes and us, as fans, hope. but all FALSE hope. Last year was a good year for her, she was good in BTROC, but because TVB wants to promote Aimee, they just make Selena not nominated. What's that? Selena greatly surpassed her. And last year if Selena was in that category, it was so hers. The award was supposed to be hers long ago. But, always, TVB gives it to others. Making us fans sad. TVB! Come on, if you intend to nominate Selena just to fill up spaces, don't even nominate her, cause you're making us fans sad. And making Selena herself sad too. Natalie's winning greatly upsets me. Though i can say her win on AFOS was deserverable. If she was running for that category without Selena in it, I can say that she will win it deservingly. But with Selena? Selena's acting, popularity and votes are higher than her. Plus, Selena's acting has always been very consistent. I'm unsure whether Selena will be nominated for Most Improved next year or not cause it's alrdy her 8th year and she hasn't won anything yet! I'm sure 99% of the crowd would be happy if Selena had won! it would be such a celebration. TVB, why would you want to make us so sad when you can actually have a happy ending by giving deserving winners the awards?

    What I can say now is, Selena might not be nominated for her role in Thunder next year for Best Supporting because she's the female lead inside. But I'm still unsure. Cause i can see that TVB is promoting Natalie more than Selena. So I'm afraid Natalie will get more screen time though she's the second female lead. Please TVB, give me a surprise. Give Selena a surprise. I hope she doesn't follow in the footsteps of Michelle Ye and Leila Tong or even Sharon Chan.

  20. To anonymous:

    I do not want to compare Selena to anyone, I just mentioned the other actresses, because we can see that they all got their awards eventually. While Selena never gets (and probably will never too).

    Yes Tavia is promoted these 2 recent years, so I think you mean 2008-2010 period. Although Tavia was completely not heavily promoted at all, she did get her first lead role in The Vigilante In The Mask in 2003, that's 4 years after she entered TVB, and after that series, she played more and more lead roles and before these 2 recent years, we already couldn't imagine Tavia in a supporting role.
    On the other hand, Selena does not have the same fate, next year is her 8th year in TVB, we cannot really say Thunder is her lead role or not (since it's male oriented).

    If she follows the footsteps of Michelle and Leila, then that means she may one day leave TVB. And as she opened her own school, so she already has a backup plan.

  21. I'm also afraid that Selena's role in Thunder is just supporting and have to fight for importance with Natalie although labelled lead because clearly the plot is male oriented and from the news will only center around Steven and Kenneth. Maybe Selena needs to be in a female series to rise more but TVB never gives her the chance. Her acting is already more solid than Aimee and Natalie.

  22. to Tracy giving tavia the best performance award is NOT PATHETIC even tho is a pork chop award tavia's performance was excellent in beyond and is her first time being a villian a big one too. She did a pretty awsome job so tvb inventin the best performance award n giving it to tavia is TOTALLY DESERVING but for moses for cbml is a BIG NO NO TO ME his role was very simple.

    One question i thought that the Supporting award is a one time thing once u win it u can't win again i remember askin this n that's what that person told me what about the Fav character award is it a one time thing or is it the same as the best actor/actress award.

    About the awards BIG DISAPPOINTMENT WAS FOR THE BEST SERIE AWARD,FAV MALE CHARACTER AWARD as for most improves,best supports,and fav female no comments.BUT for tv king/queen HORRAY FOR WAYNE N SHEREN WELL DESERVE

  23. To Tracy:

    The title of Stephen Chow's award was 翡翠星輝傑出成就大獎 (Outstanding Achievement). Also, Tavia's award was called 'Best Performance', TVB added "Professionalism" to it this year.

    To Anonymous:

    No, 'Supporting Awards' are not a one-time thing. You can win it more than once. The only one-time award is 'Lifetime Achievement'.

  24. I agree with most of the winners but I'm sorry, Most Favourite Male Character: Raymond Lam and Best Series: CBML and Best Supporting Actress:
    Fala...seriously? I think the most deserving for Fav Male Character should be Kenneth's in AFOS. And how long will TVB continue to deny Steven Ma an award?

    Also, does anybody feel that no matter what Raymond Lam does, he must at least win every year no matter how big or small the award? I like watching him but I don't feel that he did anything exceptional (acting wise) this year.

  25. think Kenneth, Selena, and Kara should just leave TVB already! They are obviously mistreated by tvb. Kara doesnt have to work under tvb you know, she can just focus on film.

  26. @Lizzy:
    Same here. I thought that Selena deserved Most Improved much more than Natalie. Everyone can see her improvement. And TVB just deny her the award year after year. That just make us fans sad. But I'm happy and touched that Selena wrote on her blog, telling us not to be sad for her as she is alrdy very lucky this year. Though she havent got her breakthrough role, but I thought that her acting is always improving and she can carry out her crying scenes quite well. I don't know why TVB wants to promote Natalie more than Selena. Very disappointed.

    Yeah agreed. I'm also afraid that Natalie will have more on-screen time than Natalie in Thunder though they wrote that Selena is the female lead. Though it's a male-oreiented series, I still hope Selena will have a breakthrough here, and TVB will recognise her efforts.

  27. Thank you for the clarification. I still think TVB should have just kept it "Best Performance," which is closer to employee of the year. Adding "Professionalism" does take it to a whole new meaning.

  28. @ Anonymous: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Whether Tavia's performance in BTROC was "excellent" or not may vary from one to another. I personally thought her performance was mediocre. She definitely did not live up to my expectation of a "villain." Once again, that's my opinion. Like Selina posted in the chatbox, "Tavia's Kam Ling has the help from the hype and high ratings..."

  29. To Kelly:

    Kara is now a TVB-contracted artiste.