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Monday, December 6, 2010

"Chok" Look


"Chok" Look

Wayne Lai, Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Steven Ma, and Kenneth Ma's "chok" look at TV Awards Presentation 2010 during the 'My Favourite TV Male Character' top five segment.

Definition of "chok":

"Chok" is derived from the English word "choke". It is used to describe one's exaggerated behaviour, attitude or voice such that it makes people feel asphyxiated.

Personal Note: Raymond and Moses looked the most "chok". Ha ha.... However, Ma Ming's was the most funny! :P


  1. wayne did the look the best. everyone else was a little off.

  2. lols i loved kenneth's explanation "i dont understand. in the dictionary, 'chok' in chinese means [head bounce]" lols


  3. Steven one was funny but Raymond one was the best! Haha, so cute. <3

  4. That had to be one of the best moments of the night. Oh Ma Ming, he is so cute!

  5. Johnson impersonating Damian Lau in Growing Through Life (Liza and Gods Anniversary Charade last episode) mentions "Chok" face switching the scenes with Raymond in GTL. Hahahas!

  6. To lol:

    Wayne actually looked constipated. Ha ha....

    To JingMui:

    Yes, Ma Ming's answer was quite funny! Steven, Raymond, and Moses laughed very hard. :D

    To sarah:

    Steven's "chok" look was quite cool. It gave me an ancient feeling. He he....

    To Hi:


    To lizzy:

    That's the impersonation that people are upset about on Weibo.

  7. A great explanation of 'chok' look by Carlos Douh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-CfO16o6T0