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Monday, December 1, 2014

Miriam Yeung and Kelly Chen Chat Non-Stop When Filming MV


"Scoop" Clip

Ming Pao Clip



Miriam Yeung, who is preparing for her concert, filmed an MV for her new song, 《好不容易遇見愛》, earlier. She even personally invited good friend Kelly Chen to make a special appearance.

Miriam and Kelly debuted at the same time, having known each other for almost 20 years. There are not many work collaborations, but every time they see other, there are always endless topics. To accommodate the content of the MV this time, Miriam really wanted to find a friend with a special affection to take part; she immediately thought of Kelly, and thanked Kelly for immediately agreeing to it.

When Miriam held her first concert in 2000, she already invited Kelly to be the first guest to appear. She said, "Actually, she is the guest of my first Coliseum concert, and was even the first guest to appear. She was even the first one to appear, the guest who appeared even before I did". Kelly, who was wide-eyed, said with surprise, "Really?" Miriam continued, "You even swept the floor for a half hour for me!" Kelly immediately laughed, "Yes. I remember now! Then you have to mop for me!" Miriam said, "Okay! I will help you mop your son's room!" She also laughingly said that it was her first time holding a concert back then; hoping to surprise the viewers, she boldly invited Kelly to be a guest, and she even swept the stage before the show started.

In front and behind the camera, the two immediately chatted non-stop upon meeting up with each other, talking about dressing up and taking care of their children, even not knowing when the director yelled 'cut'. Kelly laughingly said, "We don't see other other all the time, but once we see each other, we can't stop taking!" Kelly, who has two sons, especially has experience taking care of children; Miriam successfully learned from her: "Kelly taught me two methods of feeding my son...going to try it tonight!" Kelly pretended to cheekily say, "Giving her two moves...not many. A little is enough!"

好不容易遇見愛 - 楊千嬅

作曲/監製: Eric Kwok/張子堅@Soulchain
填詞: 林夕
編曲: 張子堅

想那年的你 誰忍心去漏低你
然而每個他 拿舊愛相比
回眸絕美 轉眼嫌他語言無味

想這時的你 說他親切像空氣
閒來會氣死 但仍然要吸氣
情人定變知己 這齣戲


想那場喜宴 你祝福我像加冕
然而有那天 但何來有終點
從來未變 這旅途怎麼發展

Repeat *



TVBE Clip (112714)

"Scoop" Clip (121214)

Personal Note: What a pleasant surprise to see Kelly make a special appearance in Miriam's MV! :)

*Credits to wenweipo, mingpao, gztv, the-sun, 寰亞唱片, and funfunyin yin

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