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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Julian Cheung Supports Charmaine Sheh to Be 'TV Queen': Wants to Film Ad and Make Money Together



"Scoop" Clip


Charmaine Sheh and Julian Cheung attended the '2014 TVB Weekly Brand Award'; the two received the 'Most Popular Commercial King and Queen'. Bowie Wu and Helena Law received the 'Most Popular Commercial Partners'.

The two expressed being very happily to receive the support and trust of advertisers. When asked whether they had made a lot of money, the two were tight-lipped. Charmaine said, "Haven't officially calculated it. Have known many of the advertisers for over ten years...a friend relationship. (Increase the fee after receiving the award?) Leave it to [my] manager. The happiest is to see myself all the time when walking in the street". Julian said, "The most important is that everyone is good...a double win! (Increase the fee?) Oh, yeah! But actually have not thought about it".

Chi Lam: 'I Help Her Put on Makeup, She Helps Me Shave'

They, who were previously rumoured, revealed that that previously collaborated on a wedding ad many years ago. Julian laughingly said that the two still have many possibilities: "Can collaborate on a sports brand ad or makeup. I help her put on makeup or sell razors...she helps me shave". When asked whether he would film an ad with wife Anita Yuen, Julian said, 'Actually, there has always been many people looking for us". Charmaine immediately elbowed Julian and said, "You've struck it rich!" Julian continued, "But many are things that can be eaten. Like milk powder, must be really clear about the ingredients before endorsing it".

When it was mentioned that Raymond Lam would not be attending TVB's awards presentation, would Charmaine be worried about Raymond losing out on the award because of this? Charmaine said, "Perhaps he would suddenly make it? I voted for him. This year is 'one vote per person', so it is very fair. Look at whom has more fans". Julian also said, "Not necessarily no award if no attendance! This year, I want to be a guest presenter!" He expressed that he thinks that Charmaine will receive 'TV Queen'. As for 'TV King', after finding out that there is Raymond Lam, Wayne Lai, Roger Kwok, Ruco Chan, etc. in contention, Julian said, "Everyone is good. Everyone can take charge".

Owen Cheung Hopes to Be a Guest at Chi Lam's Concert

The organizer arranged for 'Pirated Julian Cheung' Owen Cheung and 'Young Charmaine' Angel Chiang to accompany the two when appearing. Owen expressed that Julian also praised him for resembling him: "Actually, after I started impersonating Julian, this is the first time appearing with him. I was so nervous that I couldn't sleep, but he is very nice...also praised me for the resemblance. Hope there is an opportunity to collaborate. The best would be for him to invite me to be a guest at his concert!" Angel also highly praised Julian and Owen for resembling brothers. Regarding attending an event as 'Young Charmaine' again, Angel excitedly said, "Very happy that everyone still remembers our performance in 'When Heaven Burns'. Last time, Charmaine and I only had two scenes...hope there is an opportunity to collaborate more". The two also suggested the four of them collaborating in a performance, such as filming a "Return of the Cuckoo" prequel.

*Credits to chilam.cn, 小淚_張家義氣仔, the-sun, mingpao, and Weibo

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