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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

《性在有情》 "Come with Me" Blessing Ceremony



Date: December 23, 2014

Temporary Chinese title: 《性在有情》
Pinyin title: Sing Joi Yau Ching
Temporary English title: "Come with Me"
Producer: Man Wai Hung

Attending Cast: Eddie Cheung, Sharon Chan, Louis Yuen, Elena Kong, Benz Hui, May Chan, Sammy Sum, Grace Wong, Chung King Fai, Helena Law, Angelina Lo, Gloria Chan, Jess Sum, Kayley Chung, Christy Chan, Chu Fei Fei, Jones Lee, Snow Suen, Hoffman Cheng, Nathan Ngai, and Kimmi Tsui.

Time: 13:00
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One Parking Lot


"Scoop" Clip


- Eddie Cheung will play Mok Tai Hung (莫大雄), a sex social worker. He and wife Sharon Chan really want to have children, but the doctor said that his sperm is unhealthy and lacks energy, so there is a scene where he imagines himself being a strong general who trains a team of elite soldiers. He and Sharon have many bed scenes, but there is only hugging and kissing.
- Sharon will play Lam Ching Yi (林靜兒), a sex therapist. She and Eddie frequently go 'break into rooms'. There are many bed scenes, but they are not really intense.
- Louis Yuen will play Kam Cheung (甘昌), who was formerly a rich second generation. Because his family is in straitened circumstances, he becomes a hawker who sells bras at Fa Yuen Street, but he insists on dreaming, hoping to be able to become a rich person again. He frequents one-woman brothels. He and Elena Kong play a couple; there are many intimate scenes.
- Elena will play Mok Siu To (莫小桃), a middle-aged woman who adores the romantic feeling of Korean dramas. She has never experienced true love. When she and Louis encounter one another, they become a bickering pair.
- Benz Hui will play Liu Chan Cheung (廖振祥). He and May Chan live in a subdivided flat.
- May will play Tong Tim Tim (唐甜甜), who marries into Hong Kong from Mainland, becoming Benz's wife. She frequently comes up with many tactics to stir up his sex drive.
- Sammy Sum will play To Tak Kei (杜德基), a simple and honest teacher at a girls' high school who is still a virgin. He is the only male teacher at the girls' school. He adores Chinese literature. He is a modern person who has the personality of an ancient scholar. He is slightly foolish. He always dreams about Grace Wong. He uses his kind heart to move Grace, who has a sex addiction.
- Grace will play Chung Ying Man (鍾瑛敏), a bold and unconstrained and fiery English teacher. She really needs sex.
- Chung King Fai will play Lam Si Yuen (林時遠), Sharon's father.
- Helena Law will play Lee Ho (李好), Eddie's mother.
- Angelina Lo will play Liu Doi Lam (廖黛琳). She and Chung King Fai are a pair.
- Gloria Chan will play a rebellious high school student who just started to be interested in love. She is Sharon's younger sister. She has a romantic storyline with Sammy.

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Personal Note: Nothing about this series interests me....

*Credits to 沈震軒香港站 and Weibo

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