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Monday, December 8, 2014

Kenneth Ma Getting Married in 2019?



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Artistes Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong attended the opening for a leather goods shop in Mongkok. The two attracted many female fans and photographers. The two received leather gifts from the brand, having a new bag to use.

Kenneth laughingly said that he would be able to make money during Christmas: "Just completed a series. Able to accept events to make money. (Ask a girl to spend Christmas [with you]?) A feng shui master said that it would not be until 2018 to 2019 that I would have marriage luck. If I meet the right one, one year is enough, so don't have to be in such a rush".

Natalie Tong Denies Dating Tony Hung

Natalie was asked whether she would buy a Christmas present for Tony Hung. She said, "Why? (You guys are dating?) No, and will not be buying a present. (He asked you to spend Christmas [with him]?) Have not had anyone ask yet. This year, may be spending it filming series. Figure it out when someone actually asks. [If] Kenneth is free, he can come to the company canteen and look for me to spend Christmas with".

*Credits to kennethma.org, the-sun, mingpao, metrodaily, face, bastillepost, tudou, and gztv

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