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Friday, July 23, 2010

"Female Fist" Blessing Ceremony


Fala Chen Highly Praises Liu Xuan's Performance: Reveals Kenneth Ma to Be Sweet Talker

Fala Chen: "Luckily, I do not have to really fight. If I were to fight with her, I'd get beaten up. She's very good. She is a very quick learner, as she learns kung fu very quickly, and even in acting. She adjusts very quickly, as she is already accustomed to the way that TVB films".

Interviewer: "Ma Ming, do you have more scenes with her?"

Kenneth Ma: "I do. Since she is my younger sister in the series, I have more scenes with her. I find that she is very clever, just like Fala".

Fala Chen: "Sweet-talking!"

Kenneth Ma: "I must mention Fala".

Fala Chen: "He keeps flattering Xuan. He would say 'Your reaction was done very well'. But, Xuan only stands up to here [when next to Kenneth]. However, he's also acting, so he can't see her".

Raymond Wong: "You're so bad. You're so bad".

Fala Chen: "Yet, he still praises her".

Interviewer: "Are you really this type of person?"

Kenneth Ma: "But, she did do very well!"

Raymond Wong: "Well, Ma Ming is a gentleman. He's the best at sweet-talking".

Fala Chen: "He's the best".

Raymond Wong: "He's the best".

TVB8 Clip

Liu Xuan: "Actually, this is my first time filming a series in Hong Kong; however, I have already filmed some in Mainland before. In the beginning, I wasn't very used to it, but everybody treats me very well. Them".

Raymond Wong: "Really?"

Kenneth Ma: "No, I think you acted very well".

Raymond Wong: "Very well. Really acted very well".

Kenneth Ma: "Really acted very well".

Raymond Wong: "Very professional".

Kenneth Ma: "Incredible. Even more professional than I am!"

Liu Xuan: "There's improvement in your Mandarin".

Raymond Wong: "I didn't improve".

Liu Xuan: "You just talked to me yesterday, so I'm not going to talk to you".

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Personal Note: Ma Ming is known in TVB for his sweet-talking, as Selena had already mentioned this during the promo of "The Master of Tai Chi". :D Ha ha....

Fala eats a lot. Her plate is full of food. :)

This series is tailor-made for Liu Xuan, as she is well-known in Mainland. Reporters keep asking other cast members about Liu Xuan's performance. After three weeks, Liu Xuan's Cantonese has indeed shown a noticeable improvement. She is more confident in speaking the dialect.

Nothing special in the TVB8 clip. The only thing I found interesting is that Liu Xuan said that Ma Ming's Mandarin improved.

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