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- Producing a Programme to Discuss Education and Stress, Flora Chan Shares Worries with Parents
- "Life on the Line" Shows Up to Rally for Votes, Bob Cheung Moved to Tears at First Concert
- "OMG, Your Honour" Week 5: averaged 24.6 points.
- "Fist Fight" Week 3: averaged 26.7 points.
- "The Learning Curve of a Warlord" Opening Theme Video
- Looks at Timing When Buying a Ring! Kenneth Ma Explains About 'Guide Runner'
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- Wants Money Not Awards! Kenneth Ma Denies Being an 'Accompanying Runner King'
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List updated on Friday, December 7, 2018.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

TVB 2018 Calendar

Front Cover

January - Welcoming 2018
Mandy Wong, Sammy Leung, Priscilla Wong, Edwin Siu, Nancy Wu, Kenneth Ma, Grace Chan, Samantha Ko, Stitch Yu, Ashley Chu, Sammi Cheung, Bonnie Chan, Mayanne Mak, Angel Chiang, Owen Cheung, Hubert Wu, Katy Kung, James Ng, Andrea So, Kelly Fu, Luk Ho Ming, Ricco Ng, Karl Ting & Arnold Kwok

TVBE Clip (113017)

TVBE Clip (113017)

"Extra" Clip (113017)

February - Various Artistes Celebrating the New Year
Stephen Wong, Carlo Ng, Nancy Sit, Jacqueline Wong, Fred Cheng, Toby Chan, Sharon Chan, Johnson Lee, Helena Law, Bowie Wu, Joyce Tang, Bowie Cheung, Lau Dan, Elena Kong, Lee Ka Ting, Hugo Ng, Angela Tong, Veronica Shiu & Yoyo Chen

J2 Clip (120117)

TVBE Clip (120117)

TVBE Clip (120117)

March - "The Learning Curve of a Warlord"
Dicky Cheung, Tsui Wing, Oscar Li, Zoie Tam, Sisley Choi, Tony Hung, Vivien Yeo & Raymond Cho

TVBE Clip (120417)

TVBE Clip (120417)

April - "Daddy Cool"
Patricia Ha, Lai Lok Yi, Lin Xia Wei, Joel Chan, Carlos Chan, Elvina Kong, John Chiang & Wayne Lai

TVBE Clip (120517)

May - "Apple-Colada"
Mat Yeung, Wong Kwong Leung, Crystal Fung, Alice Chan, Eliza Sam & Raymond Wong

TVBE Clip (120617)

June - "Succession War"
Ruco Chan, Shaun Tam, Elaine Yiu, Selena Li, Joel Chan & Natalie Tong

J2 Clip (121117)

TVBE Clip (121117)

Pearl Clip (121217)

July - "Life on the Line"
Matthew Ho, Joey Law, Jeannie Chan, Moon Lau, Joe Ma & Kelly Cheung

TVBE Clip (121317)

"Extra" Clip (121317)

August - "Another Era"
Pakho Chau, Roxanne Tong, Benjamin Yuen, Niki Chow, Roger Kwok, Frankie Lam, Tavia Yeung, Dominic Lam & Gloria Tang

J2 Clip (121417)

TVBE Clip (121417)

TVBE Clip (121417)

September - "OMG, Your Honour"
Ben Wong, Eddie Kwan, Jackson Lai, Grace Wong, Oscar Leung, Hugo Wong & Louisa Mak

TVBE Clip (121517)

"Extra" Clip (121517)

Pearl Clip (121617)

October - "Fist Fight"
Mat Yeung, Philip Ng, Vincent Wong, Kaman Wong, Rebecca Zhu, Shek Sau & Tiffany Lau

TVBE Clip (122017)

TVBE Clip (122017)

"Extra" Clip (122017)

November - Anniversary Gathering
Kristal Tin, Natalis Chan, Liza Wang, Moses Chan, Bobby Au Yeung, Sarah Song, Jennifer Shum, Jason Chan, Ali Lee, Tracy Chu, Janis Chan, Heidi Chu, Chow Ka Lok, Cheung Wing Hong, Koni Lui, Juliette Louie, Emily Wong, Boanne Cheung, Anderson Junior & Patrick Dunn

TVBE Clip (122117)

TVBE Clip (122117)

"Extra" Clip (122117)

December - "Justice Bao: The First Year"
Shaun Tam, Nancy Wu, Elaine Yiu & Owen Cheung

J2 Clip (122217)

TVBE Clip (122217)

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