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Monday, July 21, 2014

'Single in Five Years' Promise: Kenneth Ma Infatuated with Extinct 'To Fa' Selena Li



'Hot Property' Kenneth Ma only has eyes for 'To Fa'. His eyes light up once he sees Selena Li, who plays 'To Fa' in "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain". Selena teased Kenneth for still not being able to pull out of character after completing the series, always wanting to see 'To Fa'. Unfortunately, in real life, 'To Fa', this type of girl, is already extinct!

Kenneth and Selena play a married couple in "Ghost". Kenneth describes 'To Fa' as a perfect wife, a village girl who is pure and cute, has a tough personality, is loyal to her husband, and knows how to cook...also hopes to encounter 'To Fa' in real life. Selena agrees with 'To Fa' being very great, and is an extinct dinosaur. It seems that Kenneth has to lower his conditions for an ideal partner, but Kenneth asked in reply: "Is it considered high expectations to want a village girl?"

Last year, Kenneth and Selena set a 'single in five years' promise, such that if they were both still single in five years, Kenneth would take Selena as his wife. When asked whether this 'single' promise was still effective, Kenneth jokingly said, "[I] think that four and a half years has passed. I think that it should be effective". Selena laughingly said that she was was scared, and did not know how to answer. Kenneth said that Selena's qualifications are good, so normal to have expectations for an ideal partner. Selena denied, "I don't have any particular expectations. The feeling is very important. If a person has ambitions, it would naturally make me adore him. Obviously, must be faithful to me, love me, and be a family man".

Kenneth said that he has feelings for Selena, not only matching on screen, but also hope to be matching off screen...currently waiting for the 'five years' promise! Selena pointed out that Kenneth is 'hot property', hardworking and a family man, but unfortunate that the timing is not right...does not have feelings for Kenneth yet. She thinks that, if the feeling were to come, it would come. Before, initially had no feelings for certain guys, but had feelings afterward. She highly praised Kenneth as being a 'good, good, good, good' partner, but do not meet in private. Immersed in character when filming...would not think too much about love matters. In the past, rarely have real feelings for TVB male artistes, apart from Patrick Tang.

No Kiss Scenes, Pick the Nose to Express Love

In the series, Selena plays two characters, almost going crazy. Younger sister 'To Fa' has a pure and happy personality, while elder sister 'Mei Neung' is gorgeous and dark. The two sisters both love Kenneth, but Kenneth surprisingly said that there was no good fortune in love affairs. Kenneth laughingly said that there were no kiss scenes, so how could there be good fortune in love affairs? "In the series, from the the beginning to the end, only like 'To Fa'. Captivated by her cuteness and inner beauty. If able to encounter this type of person in real life, would definitely pursue her".

Selena has light makeup and thick eyebrows when portraying 'To Fa'...did not even use fake eyelashes. The most classic scene is using her finger to pick Kenneth's nose. She highly praised Kenneth, this partner, as being topnotch, as not every partner would be willing to let others pick his nose. When she made this suggestion, Kenneth surprisingly said that it was no problem. Actually, when filming, she was slightly nervous. She revealed that there is a nose-picking scene that made Kenneth even more excited; when viewers see it, will be taken aback.

How did Kenneth feel having his nose picked by someone else? "I feel that it is very happy and very sweet! Some things have to be done by old married couples. Viewers also do not find it disgusting when seeing it. Actually, I really wanted to add kiss scenes. Suggested it a few times, but Selena said it would not be good for ancient series. It does not make sense for a married couple to not kiss" Selena recommended a bed scene with Kenneth in the 18th episode. The scene was about Kenneth having not seen his wife for a long time, so upon seeing 'To Fa', wanted to be intimate, but it was just explained. Guarantee that, when done laughing, viewers would feel terrified.

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... Not much time left until five years is up! :P

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