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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Reuniting in "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain": Kenneth Ma Infatuated with Selena Li's Role



Rumoured couple Kenneth Ma and Selena Li reunited in the new series "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain", sweetly appearing as a married couple partnership.

Selena is thankful to the producer for giving her an opportunity to portray a challenging role. She said, "This time, the character 'To Fa' really gave me a great sense of freshness. Even for Kenneth, was also mesmerized by the character". Selena even revealed, after completing the filming for this series, Kenneth still frequently remembers 'To Fa'. She expressed with a smile: "Kenneth really likes this character. One time, at a promotion, I dressed up as 'To Fa'. He was immediately very excited". At Selena's reveal, Kenneth did not mind at all, even taking the opportunity to praise Selena as being very cute and very captivating, making Selena awkwardly laugh non-stop.

Kenneth greatly praised the personality of 'To Fa' as having the elements of the choice for a wife in real life--not scheming, cute, and pretty: "In reality, very difficult to encounter this type. This pretty and not scheming...perfect for me! In addition, I like girls without makeup. I really like the girl next door!" Kenneth says that he does not really want to date, as he enjoys dating in series. He laughingly said that he would selectively keep loving characters in series, such as still liking Selena's role in "A Fistful of Stances"! However, Selena said the opposite, saying that she is in complete control and can pull away from character at any time. She said with a serious face, "If you don't pull away, it would be very pitiful if it went into real life. The guys in series are too good! I cannot live in a fairy tale world!" After hearing Selena be so rational, Kenneth could not help but laugh with a sigh: "Love for guys is more enduring!"

Kenneth and Selena are both single, matching in appearance, and were previously rumoured. Portraying a couple again this time, it is difficult to avoid making people question that something false has become true for them. However, Kenneth quickly said, "I have always had real feelings for her!" This made Selena not know whether to laugh or cry. Afterward, Kenneth added, "I have always been unafraid of rumours. Actually, even want to have some because there can be more couple partnerships for work! Selena is single as well, and I also do not have a girlfriend". However, Kenneth complained about Selena leaving after completing filming. Even if he were to take the initiative, she would also not be in Hong Kong.

When Selena was asked whether there was a chance to develop with Kenneth in real life, Kenneth put on a sweet face and said, "I always consider it!" However, Selena frankly said that she and Kenneth have never had gatherings in private, only limited to seeing each other for work: "Both immersed in work and also focused. There's absolutely no time to talk about other things...no time to have a new relationship. In addition, he only sweet talks...would not have practical action".

Interview @ "Scoop" Clip (071014)

李詩韻: 詩韻的美麗日記

李詩韻: 詩韻的美麗配方

Personal Note: Ma Ming and Selena are super cute and lovely together...can never ever get sick of this pairing...ever! :D

Also love Dr. Wing and Tong Gor Jai! :D However, still waiting for a modern pairing...have been waiting for so long!

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 9

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 10

*Credits to kennethma.org, singpao, wenweipo, metrodaily, skypost, tvb.com, and Weibo

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