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Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Inbound Troubles II" Completion Banquet


J2 Clip

"Scoop" Clip


The final scene of "Inbound Troubles II" was filmed at a theme park, and a completion banquet was held afterward.

Wong Cho Lam expressed that Roger Kwok has gone to the location he got married at back then to perform another wedding, while he himself is only a relative in the series. Cho Lam revealed that he will film an imitation programme after completing this series: "Would also fight for this series to release during the anniversary. There are many competitors! (Which one?) Many. Everyone wants to be the anniversary series, but temporarily looking at various promotional things, and whether public opinion can be handled".

Regarding Cho Lam wanting to fight for this series to be an anniversary series, Roger and Joey Meng expressed that they definitely support it. When asked what competitors they knew were fighting to be an anniversary series, although knowing that the schedule has already been set, Roger laughingly said that "Black Heart White Soul", which he has a part in, is a competitor, while Joey laughingly said that her "Officer Geomancer" is also a competitor.

Personal Note: Wow! Roger said that the people who were dressed up as Mickey and Minnie were the same from when he got married eight years ago!

*Credits to the-sun

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