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Friday, July 18, 2014

Kenneth Ma Treating the Cast and Crew to Dinner: Reveals Raymond Cho's Promise to Pay for a Trip


J2 Clip



Artiste Kenneth Ma attended an event. He expressed having already been endorsing this brand for three or four years, and had just renewed the contract. As for whether there was an increase in salary, must ask the company in order to know. It was mentioned that this brand sponsors furniture buying; would he buy a house because of this? He expressed being in the process of looking at flats. If he had to change the furniture, would definitely seek the help of this brand: "I have saved enough money to buy a flat. Hope to be able to live in the same Eastern District because all of my parents' friends live around there". Definitely a filial son.

When asked when he would be treating his "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" colleagues to dinner, he said, "Will treat when it is a suitable time. (When the ratings are high?) Didn't say how many points in ratings. I always feel that the most important is to have filmed happily. I also like the series". He also revealed that Raymond Cho said that, if the series has high ratings, he would take the cast and crew on a trip to Japan.

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*Credits to the-sun and gztv

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