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Monday, July 14, 2014

Selena Li Opens a Restaurant: Treats Kenneth Ma to Dinner


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Artiste Selena Li treated her "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" partners to dinner in Sheung Wan. Good friend Kenneth Ma was also in attendance. When Selena was asked how much the bill was, she frankly said that it was five figures: "Ate some Australian Wagyu beef and meat. Actually wanted to treat for a while. Very rare for a series to have such good feedback". When Kenneth was asked whether he would follow Selena in treating colleagues to dinner, he crisply answered, "Doesn't matter!" [He] emphasized that this is team spirit.

Reportedly, Selena is one of the shareholders of this restaurant. She later admitted, "Just a small shareholder! (Other investments?) Also in restaurants. The other restaurant is eating Mexican food...also buying off plan". When asked whether there was a large profit, she was not willing to reveal the actual figure: "Made a little bit, so have money to treat everyone to dinner. Before, didn't film series for a half-year, so need to have some income".

Being a Full Marks Filial Son

As for whether Kenneth had some investments, he said that he does not do business, but has looked at flats: "Also in the district that I live in. Dad and Mom also live around there". Definitely a full marks filial son. Regarding the technique of the series being new school, Kenneth said that it is not considered new school: "It is a technique that is more lighthearted!"

[071814] Selena Li & Lin Xia Wei @ 《1圈圈》



Personal Note: Ha ha.... 'Amazing Summer'! :P

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