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Monday, July 28, 2014

Kenneth Ma Very Relaxed When Filming with Seniors: Unforgettable Assassination and Chasing Scenes



Pearl Clip

TVB Zone Clip

TVB artiste Kenneth Ma and "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" actors Lin Xia Wei, Raymond Cho, Ngo Ka Nin, etc. went to TVB City to record the programme "Big Boys' Club". Kenneth, who is currently filming "Lord of Shanghai", expressed that he has gotten tanned due to filming the series. His role only has ten episodes, mainly serving as a foil to the seniors, such as Anthony Wong, etc. The filming process is also not considered too labourious, so there are no complaints.

When asked whether he had action scenes, he said, "Yes, the story is about Shanghai gangsters, so there is fighting, assassination, etc. scenes...will film in Shanghai first; filming more non-action scenes in Hong Kong. (Unforgettable scenes?) Assassination and chasing scenes are also unforgettable. (No pressure?) This time, my attitude is more relaxed. Firstly, not labourious when going to work...would not always not have enough sleep, and the seniors are also very nice".

He also said that he has not gotten heatstroke from filming outside because the role is a poor person...the costumes are rather thin. However, when mentioning that he is extremely wealthy in real life, also going to look at flats, he said, "Cheap has cheap to look at, and expensive has expensive to look at. Now, have always been looking at whether there is a suitable one. Will not buy those hundred-some-square-foot ones. I have to live with my parents. (Buy a bigger one to include a partner to live with?) Have not thought about getting married. If I were to, would also buy a bigger one, but if thinking about two people's world, [decide] when it comes".

Personal Note: Ma Ming has indeed gotten quite tanned.

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*Credits to the-sun and kennethma.org

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