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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Moses Chan Announces That Son's Name Is 'Aiden'


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Yesterday afternoon, Moses Chan and wife Aimee Chan's baby was born. When Moses attended an event in the evening, he smiled very happily. He said, "The baby weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces. The English name is Aiden...named by Dad and Mom. (Whom does the baby resemble more?) Looks like everyone a little. Very handsome. Does not look like me, but very handsome. Once born, already very handsome. Perhaps because I am the Dad, would have this feeling. Really very handsome...not joking. Very healthy and handsome. Has not inherited my traits...I am not handsome. My baby is very handsome...pretty like the Mom".

Moses said that Aimee had a natural birth. The overall process was approximately six hours: "She was very strong, making the entire process even easier. I was very nervous for her at her side. However, in the end, I couldn't really help her with anything...it was her own effort. (Go for another baby?) Let the Mother take a break. I want to, but later".

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FYI: On January 16, 2014, Aimee revealed her son's name to be 'Aiden Joshua' (meaning Moses' successor).

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Personal Note: Congratulations to Moses and Aimee! 'Aiden' is a nice name...I like unisex names, such as 'Hayden' and 'Riley'. :)

Find it funny that Moses and Aimee will be coming up with Aiden's Chinese name, as their Chinese is limited. :P

*Credits to the-sun, mingpao, appledaily, and 56


  1. hahahha Aiden is such a western name, but i like it! wonder what his chinese name will be hahah

  2. my nephew's name is also called Aiden, cute and handsome
    He he....

    Congrates to Moses and Aimee.