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Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Below the Lion Rock" Style Realistic Series Filming in February


- Former Director of Broadcasting Franklin Wong has been invited to prepare a realistic series about society like "Below the Lion Rock", arranged to broadcast on prime time Sundays.
- Filming will commence on February 10th.
- There will be a set of actors who will act as the backbone. Every episode will add in other actors as cameos.
- Because it is a realistic storyline, idol types are eliminated when choosing actors. Plain actors with a next door feel are chosen.
- The current cast includes Jack Wu, Elaine Yiu, Yu Yeung, Albert Lo, and Zoie Tam, using their acting to reflect the stories of the characters in the series.
- The series has different stories. The theme of the first one being filmed is hoping for one's child to succeed in life, using the form of drama to talk about citizens' close-fitting issues.

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Personal Note: Nice to see Elaine getting a chance!

*Credits to mingpao


  1. ahhh I'm excited both Jack and Elaine will have a role in this! :) always admired their acting

  2. Very excited for this! Happy for Elaine! :)

  3. Is this a drama or a documentary-type show with actors reenacting the stories?