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- "Rogue Emperor" will air after "Master of Destiny" on August 3rd @ 8:30pm.
- 'Amazing Summer' Promotional Clip
- The first week of "Master of Destiny" averaged 24 points, and peaked at 29 points.
- "Brick Slaves" will air after "Ghost of Relativity" on August 10th @ 9:30pm.
- "Ghost of Relativity" Promotional Clips 1-5
- "Come Home Love" Promotional Clips 1-6
- 《純熟意外》 "Accident" Costume Fitting
- 《警犬巴打》 "Police Dog Brother" Costume Fitting
- "Master of Destiny" Opening Theme Video
- "Master of Destiny" Theme Song

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List updated on Tuesday, June 30, 2015.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Coffee Cat Mama" Promotional Clip 3


*Credits to ihktv

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