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- "Between Love & Desire" Opening Theme Video
- "House of Spirits" Theme Song MV (Full Version)
- Kenneth Ma and Sisley Choi Willing to Change Schedule to Wait for Mat Yeung to Recover
- Kenneth Ma Reveals That Patrick Tse Has Not Recovered from Injury: Expected to Return to Work at the End of July to Make Up Scenes
- "House of Spirits" Opening Theme Video
- "Presumed Accidents" Week 4: averaged 23.4 points.
- "House of Spirits" Theme Song (Full Version)
- "House of Spirits" Theme Song MV Preview
- Relying on Bowie Wu to Snatch Ratings, Bobby Au Yeung Hopes for 30 Points to Boost Reputation
- "A Fist Within Four Walls" will air after "House of Spirits" on August 1st @ 9:30pm.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Coffee Cat Mama" Promotional Clip 3


*Credits to ihktv

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