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Saturday, December 21, 2013

"Don't Hurt Anyone" - Kristal Tin

The original singer of this song is Xiao Huang Chi, who was the composer of 《沒那麽簡單》.

不傷人 - 田蕊妮

作曲: 黃韻玲
填詞: 葛大為
編曲/監製: Chris Babida

不怪她們 轉身走掉
基本的禮貌 我們都顧到
幾次心動 哪個對象
多麼努力 最後都一樣

*總說 做情人不好 當朋友更好 苦苦冷笑
愛情這條單行道 我常常跌倒 從不計較

選個不傷人的理由 都是為我好
然後微笑著 分道揚鑣
找個不傷人的藉口 別為難到
悲觀過了頭 才鐵口直斷 愛情會 遲到

感謝她們 稱讚我好
基本的禮貌 她們都明瞭
催眠自己 強迫遺忘
枉費苦心 結局也一樣

常說看順眼就好 感覺對就好 僅供參考
愛情好像連低標 我都達不到 不該煩惱

Repeat *

選個不傷人的理由 都是為我好
然後微笑著 分道揚鑣
給我一個 不傷人的藉口 別為難到
悲觀過了頭 才鐵口直斷 愛情會 遲到

先退場就像 畏罪潛逃
給我一個 不傷人的時機 默契多好
樂觀過了頭 還自我安慰 愛情又 遲到

Personal Note: Happy that Kristal will be releasing a cover album next year...fulfilling her singing dream!

Prefer the original version, but quite like the song. Kristal's pronunciation could have been better though.

When Kristal learned that she had to find a male lead for this MV, she started to look for someone in her list of handsome guys. Leonardo DiCaprio was first, James Dean was second, while Louis Koo was third. When she called Louis, he immediately agreed to it, only asking her about the time and date. Because of his loyalty, she moved him from third to first place! Ha ha.... :P

*Credits to 太陽娛樂音樂

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