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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Eliza Sam Partnering 'TV Queen' Kristal Tin in New Series: Taking the Opportunity to Learn


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56 Clip


Artiste Eliza Sam went to Kowloon City to attend a ribbon cutting ceremony. When asked whether her value increased after winning the 'Most Improved Female Artiste' award at the anniversary, she said, "Not sure. Only the company would know my fee. As for myself, I never care about the fee...do not want to get distracted. Just want to focus on work".

When talking about her filming the grand production "Double Fantasies" with Wayne Lai, Kristal Tin, Bosco Wong, etc., Eliza said, "Mainly filming my partnering scenes with Bosco because they are different stories, but would also take the opportunity to learn from Wayne and Kristal".

When asked whether she had pressure from filming series after series, she said, "Chinese is the greatest pressure, but I will turn pressure into motivation". Eliza said that this Christmas is very warm because her mom has gone to Hong Kong to accompany her. When asked whether she would give herself a flat as a Christmas present, she said, "I also want to, but not at that level yet. Will be thinking about my mom first when buying a present for someone".

When talking about HKTV, would she be interested in going over? Eliza said, "I have a long contract with the company. Have been very happy these past few years in the company. Grateful to the company for giving so many opportunities. Have a very good relationship with my colleagues. I am handing everything over to TVB".

Personal Note: The series will be separated into three stories. Bosco and Eliza, Wayne and Sonija, and Raymond Wong and Kristal should be the respective leads in each story.

*Credits to the-sun and 56

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