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Monday, December 2, 2013

Kenneth Ma Not Disappointed About Losing Astro TV King


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TVB artiste Kenneth Ma returned to Hong Kong after attending the Astro awards presentation in Kuala Lumpur. When asked about his thoughts on winning the 'My Favourite TVB On Screen Couple' award with Tavia Yeung again, he frankly said that he was very happy: "Receiving this award again helps a lot for accepting advertisements!" When asked whether he had already expected to lose Malaysia TV king, he expressed that everyone's strength is equal this year. His series, "The Hippocratic Crush II", still has three weeks before it finishes airing. He expressed that he would try his best: "If [I] lose this year, would try again next year!"

When mentioning that it was Linda Chung's first time being crowned Malaysia TV queen, he said that he was happy for her: "Particularly happy because it's her first time being crowned TV queen. (When Linda heard the result, she cried while going on stage?) Perhaps it is easier for girls to cry. Last year, I held it in, and did not cry. Hope that she can win again at the TVB awards presentation!"

Linda Chung Sweetly Admits Receiving Philip Ng's Congratulatory Text Message

Newly crowned Malayia TV queen Linda Chung immediately got on a plane and returned to Hong Kong after the Astro awards presentation. She accepted an interview after getting off the plane. When mentioning that she cried, she expressed, "It's a natural reaction because it was my first time being crowned TV queen. Would always particularly remember and be surprised about every first time!" She also revealed that the moment she heard that had been crowned TV queen, all the memories of her since entering the industry to now appeared in her mind: "Very happy to receive viewers' recognition overseas. (Would you cry again if you are crowned TV queen again at the TVB awards presentation?) If it does really happen, hope to not cry! Actually, winning in Malaysia does not mean that [you] would also win in Hong Kong. If winning in one place means that [you] would definitely win in another place, wouldn't it seem as though it's rigged?"

When asked whether her rumoured boyfriend, Philip Ng, congratulated her, she immediately sweetly nodded her head and said, "Yes. He sent me an SMS". When asked whether she had congratulated Julian Cheung for being crowned Malaysia TV king, she humourously said, "I don't have his number...can't find him. However, already personally congratulated him on stage. I hope to have an opportunity to collaborate with him one day...would definitely learn a lot then!"

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*Credits to the-sun, mingpao, and letv

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  1. Congrats to Kennrth, keep it up!