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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Artistes' Comments Toward Hardworking Kenneth Ma on Weibo


Sharon Chan: "Ran into Ma Ming at the company. He is like a student, diligently looking at the script and doing his homework! For such a hardworking artiste, it is worth giving you a [rabbit][commend][commend] @kennethmaorg @kennethmaofficialinternationalfanclub".

Raymond Cho: "Deceiving people, pretending to be hardworking, trying to get [his] picture taken [ha ha][ha ha]".

Edwin Siu: "Yes, yes, yes...does not do homework at home [smile with tears][smile with tears][smile with tears]".

Wong He: "Kenneth Ma also changes the script. It seems that I have a successor [big smile]".

Wong He: "Kenneth Ma also changes the script, so I'm not alone [big smile][big smile][big smile]".

Sheren Tang: "Kenneth Ma has always been humble and studious. Still remember that, when filming 'Rosy Business', he would frequently come to the set to watch Wayne Lai's performance [good]. Give you another white rabbit [rabbit]. We can see your hard work. In [your] current series, can learn from your father Damian Lau again [smirk]. Give your best [muscle]! @kennethmaofficialinternationalfanclub".

Personal Note: Cute Ma Ming, with clips in his hair, hogging an entire table with his scripts and stationery! He he.... :P

Nice to see artistes talk about Ma Ming on Weibo! :D

*Credits to Weibo


  1. lol hyn5 I saw your reply and therefore read Sharon and Sheren's comments. Didn't know the other commented as well. Most surprised at Wong Hei's comment cause they never worked together before.

    Haha I wonder who put that girly clip on his head!

    1. Those clips are to keep his British hairstyle in place when he is not filming. Tavia also had a picture of her with clips in her hair.

  2. LoL at the Donald Duck pencil case!
    But OMG that is one giant script, how many pages are there?!

  3. MM looks so cute with those clips!

    Look at all of those tabs in his note book! And that is one thick script!

  4. LOLS I love MaMing!!! haha cool that sheren knows what drama he's in and such!