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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Louis Koo Changes into 'Pirated Raymond Lam', Playing with Old News



Caption 1: In "All's Well End's Well 2012", Louis has a crush on photographer Kelly Chen.

Caption 2: In the movie, Louis lands on the cover of a magazine with the headline reading 'Pirated Raymond Lam', playing with his old news with Raymond Lam.

In the CNY movie "All's Well End's Well 2012", Louis Koo plays a construction worker who is spotted by Kelly Chen, who plays a photographer, to be a nude model. Before filming, Louis intensely pumped his muscles, and he also took pictures revealing his upper body. In the movie, landing on the cover of a magazine, the headline reads 'Pirated Raymond Lam'. This scene can be said to be sneering at the old news between Louis and Raymond because, when Louis switched to the big screen, Raymond, who resembled Louis, was being promoted by TVB, and he was packaged to be Louis' successor. Now, Raymond is already TVB's Dong Ka Siu Sang. Never thought that Louis would actually have a humourous response to such an old incident in "All's".

In the movie, Louis has a crush on Kelly. Apart from using his bad English to its fullest, [he] also used his electrifying eyes, causing the cold Kelly to also be touchy-feely.

Personal Note: Can't wait to watch this movie! :D


*Credits to mingpao


  1. Louis has a great body! =D

  2. lol how come not pirated Ron Ng haha since they also compared Ron to Louis Koo as well due to his tanned appearance in Triumph.

    1. Raymond was already compared to Louis because of his tanned skin in "A Taste of Love". Then they filmed "A Step into the Past", and the media referred to Raymond as 'Pirated Louis'. During the filming of "Step", they were rumoured to have been at odds with each other.

  3. Yes I remember that rumor too they even rumored Jessica to be at odds with Raymond during the filming. I wonder if it was true.

    1. The rumour about Jessica not liking Raymond because of his tardiness was during the filming of "The Drive of Life".