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Saturday, January 14, 2012

TVB Onscreen Couples @ 《TVB Weekly》 Issue 760

To welcome 2012's 'Season of Love', TVB is specially holding a 'TVB Top Ten Onscreen Couples Voting' so that viewers can vote for their most classic top ten onscreen couples through TVB Weekly, tvb.com, and TVB fun. The pair with the most votes will become 'My Favourite Supreme Onscreen Couple'. The results will be revealed on February 19th.


Personal Note: Because only one couple was chosen to represent each year, many classic pairings were left out (while some pairings wouldn't even be considered to be 'classic'). Especially surprised that the successful pairing of Michael Tao/Kenix Kwok in the "Detective Investigation Files" franchise was excluded (from the title of this poll, I automatically thought of them; they are also my favourite pairing of all time); don't know why the pairing of Gallen Lo/Kathy Chow in "Plain Love" was selected instead.

Also surprised about the exclusions of Damian Lau/Liza Wang, Felix Wong/Barbara Yung, Gallen Lo/Maggie Cheung, Bowie Lam/Flora Chan, Louis Koo/Jessica Hsuan (their pairing in "Detective", in particular, was definitely more well-liked than Tim and Helen in "A Threshold of an Era"), and Julian Cheung/Charmaine Sheh.

Although "Square Pegs" was aired on December 30th, 2002, the majority of the series was aired in 2003, so it would make more sense for Ah Wong and Choi Fung to represent 2003. When "Triumph in the Skies" aired, the Sam-Belle and Vincent-Belle pairings were definitely more well-received than Sam-Zoe....

Many of my favourite (and definitely deemed to be classic) couples are already out of the running, but I guess I can still vote for Bobby Au Yeung/Esther Kwan and Lawrence Ng/Ada Choi. ;)

*Credits to myoliewu.org and HKLOVE.org


  1. This nominations are already rigged how is it that LouisxJessica the golden couple of their era doesn't get nominated for their famous pairing DIF4 Yes and also Ada&Lawerence for Healing Hands who actually won a TVB award for best onscreen couple that year! I'm not surprised Julian and Charmaine got nominated cause they were really well liked together in Return of the Cuckoo even though they didn't end up together which was so stupid!

  2. opps so Ada and Lawerence were nominated thank goodness. aww but Bowie and Flora didn't! That sucks they were another golden couple and had the best chemistry together! If they wanted to nominated Gallen and Flora at least nominated them for Mr. Diana not Threshold!

    1. Yes, Gallen and Flora should have been nominated for "Feminine Masculinity" instead of "Threshold", especially when they won the 'Couple' award that year for "Feminine".

  3. It would have been better if they pulled out some more famous pairings ..more golden ones. Or maybe, cause I dont know half of these pairings i.e I didnt know they were in a pairing, but probably cause of some of the pairings look really old.

    Bobby & Esther, Julian & Charmaine [though not nominated], jessica & Louis, Gallen & Flora ... and maybe of the recent ones: Sheren & Wayne though I can't tell if I'm picking them cause I really like them as a couple or because I felt they are really good actors as being "couple worthy" ..I dont know if that makes sense...

    anyways...are they going to do anything special about it...or is it just going to be an announcement?

  4. I think that some of these golden couples were excluded because they aren't signed with TVB at present.
    You know how TVB likes it - the best example is Raymond Lam winning the Golden Song Award for CHOK. They nominate the people that they like and then those people end up taking all the awards. They even CREATE awards for those who don't really deserve anything, and those who deserve awards often miss out. I really hope they stop doing it, but hey, it doesn't only happen in TVB, it also occurs in Taiwan (ie. the Golden Bell Awards for Best Actor and Actress nominees - James Wen and Sonia Sui - missed out on their well deserved awards [I mean, James has been nominated 5 years in a row - that's pretty consistent in my opinion] and when the whole world was pretty much rooting for them.)
    I guess that's showbiz for us.

  5. Is this a joke? The nominations from the 90s are really off. Missing a lot of TVB Golden Couples at the time. Not calling anyone out, but it's obvious a few couples don't deserve the spots.

  6. Oooh! I freaking love Chow Yun Fat and Dodo (Carol) Cheng! Also Tony and Margie, Felix and Carina! Sean Lau and Vivian, Lawrence Ng and Ada.

    Also wanted to see Felix and Barbara Yung on there! Currently rewatching Legend of the Condor Heroes. Hehe.

    Personally could care less of the on-screen couples listed from the year 2000 onwards. ..

  7. I was too, shocked that Michael Tao & Kenix Kwok were not in it, so is Gallen & Flora, Chilam & Charmaine. It makes me wonder how did they have the nominations in the first place.
    And for the recent pairings, in my opinion, I do not think that Moses & Charmaine were popular in 2010 and so it Kevin Cheng & Myolie Wu. I thought that it was either Michael & Fala or Bosco & Kate (either one from LOO) were much popular than the pairing from Ghetto Justice.
    Personally, I feel that the on-screen couples from 2000 onwards I preferred Kevin & Niki and Roger & Jessica.

    1. Gallen and Flora are nominated for ATE.

    2. What?! No Michael and KK?! No Bowie and Flora?! No Louis and Jessica?! No Chilam and Charmaine?!

    3. What a total ripoff! TVB better have not taken the true golden couples just to award Myolie with another award! Sam/Belle was more liked than Sam/Zoe! Out of her three pairings that MADE the list, IMO Bosco's her best pairing.

  8. No Tony Leung-Kitty Lai and Deric-Maggie Siu for HSDS 1986 and Blood of Good and Evil 1990 in the list. Those on-screen couple have very good chemistry and the series itself also memorable one.

  9. No Chilam & Charmaine? This poll is not legit to me :P

    Leon Lai & Kathy Chow
    Noel Leung & Louis Koo


    p.s.Loved Sean & Vivian though :)

  10. I am pretty surprised that Jessica/Louis weren't nominated. And I really enjoyed Ada/Steven as a couple in Where the Legend Begins.
    But TVB does things different, so meh...I mean, Linda/Ray had much more chemistry together in HoG compared to Linda/Moses but they were nominated for their lackluster MR instead...