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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday Messages for Sharon Chan & Kenneth Ma

Friends who recorded birthday messages: Gary Cheung, Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng, Sam Lee, Jazz Lam, Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen, Vincent Wong, Edwin Siu, Kate Tsui, Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, Johnson Lee, Aimee Chan, Angela Tong, Kenny Wong, Raymond Cho, Vivien Yeo, Bernice Liu, Selena Li, JJ Jia, Mandy Wong, and Charmaine Li.

Part 1

Part 2


Personal Note: Although Sharon and Ma Ming's birthdays are almost a month apart (January 17th and February 13th respectively), their fans suggested to have their birthday gathering together this year on January 10th.

Linda's message for Ma Ming was so tailor-made for him! :P

He he.... Both of Raymond's messages seemed like CNY wishes! :P

Like how Bernice and Kate's NGs were included at the end! Ha ha.... :D

*Credits to 陳敏之官方影迷會 and 馬國明官方國際影迷會


  1. May I ask what Bernice, Tavia and Fala said?

    1. Do you understand Cantonese?

  2. haha Kate's NG. That man is cute too =))

  3. Hahaha! Bernice is just too funny! =D

    Linda knows MM too well! "Since you want more girls, I'll wish you get more girls!" Hahaha!

    I also like what Johnson said! "Be male lead until you're 70 yrs. old and be supporting at 80 yrs. old!" =D

    Edwin sounded cute when he was saying MM's name! Hehehe!

    I really thought that Raymond was going to wish Sharon and MM a happy new year instead of happy birthday! Hahaha! =P